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March 09, 2009

Team work and Innovation and Recognition

I realised today that rewarding a person for innovating is definately not a good idea. Its is better to recognize the person instead. One of the points mentioned that sometimes for innovating team work is important as people can build on each others ideas. One can recognize each individual for the team work. But rewarding each team member could get very expensive for the company. In this case the company might opt for rewarding the person who innovated the most, who probably would have just build on some one elses idea. This could kill the spirit of team work. The others could also feel left out and feel treated unfairly. They would them probably try to keep their ideas to them selves and not shre as there would be no motivation. It could also lead to competition arising among team members which would ruin the effective communication process which is required in an organisation. Lack of communication is against knowledge management. Therefore recognizing the enitre team is better than just rewarding one person.

Stress and Innovation

Today in class I was talking about how stress and innovation are not the best of friends but at the same time they cannot do without each. I mean some amount of stress is needed. There is good stress and there is bad stress. The good stress is called Eu-stress. If a person is completely stress out then he wont be able to innovate as he/she will be mentally exhausted. Good stress is required as in certain deadlines or time frame. If there is none of it then the person will be completely laid back which might hinder his innovation capabilities as well.

Stress was not even mentioned under our environment posted. I randomly thought of if. Quite Innovative right?? One of the reasons I realised is that Paul has made this module stress free. There is good stress in terms of certain deadlines such as blogging which actually help me become more reflective as well as innovative.

Well I agree with Aykut that innovation is required at all levels. I was under the impression that only marketing and research and development need to be innovative but later as Paul told us that even a production manager can be more innovative. He could also come up with an Idea which could help the product. Say you are the manufacturer of the chocolate company. May be a production manager could come up with innovative ideas of addiing different flavours without changing the process of production.

March 07, 2009

virtual library

Each time I borrow a book on lean six sigma, its aldready on hold by someone esle so I have to return it in 3 days. Thinking about that I realized that in the future we all could have a virtual library we could use so that everyone can have access to all books at anytime. We do not need to use paper and kill trees. It is environmentally friendly as well. Imagine each book available on your computer just a click away. I mean the concept of google book. How we have so many books scaned and available to use in google book result. In terms of asset management, it will be good as no maintenance will be required. You will not have people scribbling on the books, tearing pages or books being lost and needed to be replaced. Customer will be happy as well as they do not have to wait for books. As Paul said earlier "Stakeholer is King, Customer is God". So it is very important to keep the customer happy. So I think the example of a virtual library is a new way of knowledge and asset management. I am not sure if a virtual library aldready exist. It will be less expensive for the library too. Instead of buying many copies of one book, they can just buy one copy and scan it. Since asset management seems to be all about cost saving anywhich ways. Whats say people? do you agree with me??

Customer focus

My research does tell me that six sigma is focued on customer as without making customer happy there is no business. One of the books I read about six sigma mentioned that. Also lean seems to be customer oriented as it focuses on the process getiing faster and reducing the lead time. So both these methods lean and six sigma seem to be focusing on customer. This is one more thing in comon. One thing that is regiestered in my mind is what Paul said in class once : "STAKEHOLDER IS KING, BUT CUSTOMER IS GOD". I think the point reinforces that without customer there is no business, so the focus on customer is very essential!!!

March 04, 2009


Why is Maintenance management so useful?? I thought to myself? I first though so that machines can run efficiently and own town can be reduced. I thought thats about it.How can it help further I thought. Till I came across this fat book on maintenance management. It gave me a lot of benefits. The following it said in my words:

Firstly the cost advantages will show in the long run.

Secondly as I said reduced dowtime will not only ensure on time deliver but also reduce the no of machines we may use, which will reduce customer cost and make him happy

Thirdly if the factory is well maintained and managed then cost can be controlled in the factory. One may not see unforseen expenses

Fourthly Cost benefits will help us fight competition

Fifthly ones physical asset can last for longer time. Proper cleaning techniques and processes will help the asset to run well without the expensive breakdowns.

Sisthly better maintaince can help get a better name from the customer. On time deliveries, clean factories when customer visits will only help make us a sustainable supplier.

Seventhly there will safety for the workers. No health related issues coming up due to work atmosphere. No ones life is at risk.

Eightly it will create a better working environment and motivate people to come to work...

There are a lot of advantages for good maintence .I had not even tought of how customer perception can be changed or about the workers safety which is really important. Motivation for coming to work is important. I would not like to go to a dirty place and work and risk my health. Also if the company assets last for a longer time without breaking down then its always a benefit for the company.

March 03, 2009

Lean and Six Sigma

Today while researching I realised that the main difference between lean and six sigma is that one focuses on the process route while the other focusses on a specific part of the business or process to reduce variation. The main aim for both is to reduce variation. If both are combined it can be a very useful tool to fight variation in the process.

Lean works on redesigning the process while six sigma works on a part of the business. Different methods used i lean are cell manufaturing, just in time.......while in six sigma one uses the dmaic cycle and so on.

Six Sigma and Organisational Learning

Now a days competition is getting toughter. There is too much pressure on every organisation. One must continoursly improve and help keep customers satisfied may be through cost cutting or improving quality or both.

One person  (Peter Senge) rightly wrote "Learning Disability are tragic in children but fatal in organization".

What helps a organisation to overcome disability is organisational learning. It helps with understanding threats and finding out more opportunities.

The threats faced can be worked on by implementing six sigma as six sigma helps an organisation learn as excel, may be through the dmaic process. May be by completing the cycle you can analyse the problem and come up with solutions.

I think Presto Pizza is a learning organisation. It also implemented six sigma to help solve the problems and be a learning organisation.

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