February 02, 2009

Sometimes this world looks like an unfair place

I just heard some bad news. One of my friends lost her mother to Cancer last week.

I wondered why are there so many problems in this World. There are many people dying due to diseases, wars, murders and hunger. There are some unhappy people who do not have a family (orphans) or have been disowned by their families. Then there are oppressed people (women in some culture). Then there is poverty which is another source of unhappiness.

I wondered why they exist. Butr later I realised may be such things make people more human. Many of us are running towards a materialistic life. We want a lot of money, the best of clothes, the best of cars, the best house, good looking girl friend....so on....In this process some of us become selfinsh and only think of full filling our dreams. We probably need to remove some time and money for people who really need us.

May be visiting a orphanage once a week is not a bad idea. Donating money to various causes is also a great idea too.....

I hope I practice what I preach. Sometimes I just feel like a machine sitting in front of the computer all day......I should try and remove time......

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  1. I agree with u Abhi… i also think that today we are living in the materialistic world… sometime it’s too much… ppl look at other just outside…

    02 Feb 2009, 00:49

  2. Good entry ahbi… I also came to a similar realisation during studying LE pma. Part of being a leader, I think, is to have concern for the needs of others. I guess that is why many leadership theories encompasses the “people” dimension. One of the core concept in transformational theory is “individualised consideration”, which says leaders should pay great attention to his followers using intrinsic motivational techniques such as listening, empathy, empowerment and so on.
    Sometimes we are all too selfish, concerned only with what “I” want, there even is a proverb “everyman for himself” in almost every lanugage (probably). While this is not necessarily a wrong way to think morally but sometimes I find it worth pausing for a second and think, “How would he/she feel if I sacrifice a little bit of my time to help him out?”... That kind of thought is what gives man real happiness…and true satisfactions…
    Having said that, I do feel every man is inherently good inside, I certainly did feel this way from my colleagues who were in invovled in various social work such as visiting rest home, telephone counselling etc… We weren’t paid for do this, and most of us didn’t see it as a self serving activity (i.e to make our CV look good). But I guess we all felt , being the more fortunate lot of the society (not having to worry about living), we ought to put something back into the community. And if you look carefully, there is always something that allow you to make positive changes in other people’s lives….
    Sorry if this comment seem unstructured… just some random thoughts while reading your blog

    02 Feb 2009, 15:49

  3. As John Lennon used to say: ” Life is what happens when you are busy doing other things” . All things are part of life. Life was not created to be happy or sad. Both are parts of living. Death is the most certain part of living.

    I`m not a religous person but I try to follow the thing I learned from my father (that is a religious, christian catholic, person). Love everyone the way you love yourself, besides that all we can to is try to do the best that we can with our choices. I believe that if one follows those 2 ideas the best one can (Love and effort towards what I choose) one can go to bed at night and rest with a clear conscience.

    03 Feb 2009, 16:09

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