October 11, 2008

Seminar Topics

The topics chosen for the seminar are very interesting. It will be very interesting to know how efqm can be changed to be implemented in other countries or why is ISO9000 more popular or why do companies care abt hollistic approach if they only value stock prices and also the other questions chosen

But I do feel that we are only concentrating our focus on the quality control approaches such as efqm, demings, isO9000 and baldridge. It would have been interesting to discuss in class different benchmarking examples or different examples of comanies that have made selection biases and lost out in the long run.

But I am already looking foward to the seminar week as the topics chosen will be very interesting to research on....

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  1. I agree with you Abhishek, the topics were all very ISO, EFQM , Baltridge oriented. Maybe people havnt fully understood result measurement, benchmarking and OL enough to ask sensible questions. I am working on Measurement of Result at the moment, and definitely have questions I like answered…

    Regarding your question on my blog, well TPM can be used for benchmarking against self of course, but probably not a very good one because many authors have documented the drawbacks with that method. What is good for benchmarking however, is the statical process control (SPC) advocated by Deming. I am planning to write a blog entry up about it, hopefully soon I can share my understanding of it with the other students.

    I am glad you like my topic, it came from a brief discussion I had with a Mexican friend at a campus bank, while we waited in queue, we just chat about his previous work as risk analyst which led to discussion about finance-oriented companies on Wall street are actually good business models or not, then I just reworded it a bit to make it relevant to CBE. It’s amazing the kind of quality thinking can come out from such a great learning environment!!

    11 Oct 2008, 13:33

  2. Paul Roberts

    What’s interesting about your post Abhishek is that already you are finding that there is not enough time to learn about everything associated with the course and perhaps some of what you learn is not to sufficient depth in some areas. This suggests to me that you are well on the path to critical autonomy where you make choices in your learning over and above what the programme requires of you. This is great, because if you continue to work this way for the whole of your study year by the time that you leave here you will be a lifelong learner which is what I would like all of you to be by the end of the Management for Business Excellence masters.

    16 Oct 2008, 09:20

  3. Thank you Paul for the encouraging words.

    16 Oct 2008, 22:48

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