January 13, 2009

I quite like the cognitive theory

Mr Gardner in his cognitive thoery says that there are three levels of leadership.

The ordinary leader "who simply relates the traditional story of the group in the highly effective way".

The innovative leader who "bring a new twist to the old story."

The visionary leader who creates a new story.

He also says that a leaders characteristic / personality does not provide a good enough explaination for a leaders success.

He says that  there are four characteristics that guide a leader:

1. A "active and dynamic relation between leader and follower"

2 Time period

3. Leader must act their ideas and convey them in words

4. Leader lead by his or her choice and the consent of others.

Firstly Personally I like the way how Mr Gardner has classified the three leaders. I think Mr Jack Welch is a good example of a visionary leader. After reading so much about hin in the last one week I realised he truly is a visionary leader.

Secondly I do agree that a leaders personality does not give suffiecent explantion for him/ her being a leader because I believe leaders are made and not born. One can always alter their personality if required.

I agree with the four characteristics as well. A leader must have either good or cordial realtion with his disciples. I personaly do no think I could work for a leader who I dont share a good or cordial relation with.

Time frame matters too. Sometimes being the right person at right time matters. Each business goes through differenct situations and finds its self in different senario al together.

Its important for a leader to prove himself for people to trust him or her. Even the President nominee of United States have to go through so many debates

I am not too sure about the last part of the leadership trait though about the consent of others. I mean you do not really choose your managers? do you???

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  1. Hi ahbi

    About the the last leadership point, yes you are right about most of the times we don’t choose who are managers are, but we do choose who is our leader. It’s the position/personal source of power we discussed in class. For a manager who reply solely on power to punish and reward, we may often rebel his leadership by shirking off work, deliver poor performance etc. A true leader on the other hand, is someone we show approval of through his personal attributes & behaviors, and by vuluntarily consent we surrender ourselves to him and have him lead us to achieve the shared goal.

    Jack Welch is a leader no doubt, but far from a visionary. Yes he has visions but his management style is authortarian and he relies on extrinc influence which makes him more of a transactional leader rather than tranformation and visionary. His genius is a gift for spotting talent and business portfolio (at least most of the times).

    13 Jan 2009, 02:08

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