March 15, 2009

Cell Manufacturing

I found the concept of working in small batches very interesting. I f one makes different types of products too, it important to alternate between the two products than just making product A in the morning and product B in the evening. This is called product levelling. It also involves producing goods at a fixed speed. There is standardization then. Its not the one day you produce more and the other day you produce less. By working in small batches one can detect defects more easily and reduce the lead time and changeover time. The WIP inventory is reduced.

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  1. well as you might already learned there is always a trade off.
    Usually the trade off between flexibility and production quantity comes down to setup cost. Setup cost consists of time of the worker that is spend on changing the setup, loss of amount that could be produced rather than changing the setup and maybe the reduction in productivity as machine cools down or workers have to adapt to the product that is now in production.
    For example if you produce product A whole day (lets say day is 8 hours and it takes 1 hours to produce 1 product) and change setup (lets say 1 hour) at the end and produce B next day and again change back to A at the end = in two days you’d spend total 2 hours to setup and end up with 7 A and 7 B.
    But if you change at mid-day and at the end of the day then you’s spend 4 hours total to setup and end up with 6 A and 6 B.
    As in lots of other cases, nature of the product, organisation, customers and every other small thing should effect which production planning technique to use..
    maybe you already know these but I just satisfied my Industrial Engineering needs, sorry.
    bottom line there is always a trade off : )

    16 Mar 2009, 02:52

  2. Hahaha Mr Engineer, I agree to what you have to say completely!!.... I was just assuming that there was no set up time invovled…..or it being very little!!!

    17 Mar 2009, 00:16

  3. I just come in to say thanks for the comment in my blog. Anyway, hv a nice time after the pma ;). C u in the fortcoming class. Take care.

    17 Mar 2009, 10:47

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