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January 29, 2009

Controllable factors and Noise

Todays excercise in class made me thinak about my life and the way I was leading it. I was wondering if there are any controllable factos which I can improve on and any noise. To lead a happy life there were a few option : A1 work very hard, A2: work just about required. B1: importance of understanding people and paying back to the society. B2 : just do the minimum required as c citized such as pay taxes and so on. There could be noise such as recession, natural calamity. I need to improve my quality as a person so that such things do not affect me.

I realised its important to be loved and to spread love by being nice to everyone around. I wont make this into a philosophical blog but its very interesting how we have controllable factors and noise in our daily life too. Be it going to class on time od following eithics, life gives you many options. It all about choosing the right choices. I would probably love to do statistical analysis and choose which path to take

I never really thought that a simple thing like making a paper helicopter/rocket could have so many factors. The method to come up with the best specification without tring out the 100 possible combination was really amazing. I am loving this module so much so far. I wonder whats in store for me tomorrow :D

Six Sigma

During the last few days I have realised how important is training, communication and team work important in six sigma. I have seen my self improve tremendously in putting the wheels on the plane from 7 to 8 mins to 2 mins 30 seconds. I did make some changes to the way in which I put the wheels as wellwhich further helped me. Communicationhelped as my group members showed me better ways of tightening the screws to the plane by using the scrw driver and holder instead of using hand. I saw that everyone in our team gave inputs and everyone was involed so that was great. Though we were far from acheiving six sigme, we did manage to save money in the game in the process. I was happy that I was no longer the bottleneck in my team thanks to my training and team members support. Since I was the last person in the process I had to try and ensure standardization by passing on the plane every 3:30 mins. Though I nanaged to that in a few cases, in a few cases I did not as I was learning how to use the i-phone I was given by my team member to use.

What I also learnt is that its really important to keep the DMAIC process in mind. I usually like to jump to the analysing part of the problem and give ideas but I learnt how to be more patient and follow the process which gave me a goal. Defining and Measuring help me get goals rather than following a unguided path.

DMADV process though not used by our team this time around is very interesting as it helps you to design first.

What I like about six sigma is that it is very customer driven. I remember Paul tell us in class that "If Shareholders are king, then customer is God". You cannont keep anyone happy if your customers are not happy and go away. There is high importance of quality and reliability in this competitive world.

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