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November 27, 2008

Efqm Deming and learning org

Golden Rule of learning org......

Thrive on Change

  • don't be scared
  • Learning Organisations feed on change
  • go all the way (no half-way house); committed; focused
  • know objectives; plan

  1. Encourage Experimentation
  2. experimentation is a necessary risk
  3. individual input rewarded
  4. encourage throughout the company

  • Facilitate Learning from Employees
  • encourage participation and experimentation (linked to point 2)
  • invest in training - multiskilling (getting most from employees), morale
  • empowerment/responsibility
  • remove hierarchy

  • Reward Learning
  • everybody's wants their work to be appreciated - boost morale !!
  • benchmarks for performance appraisal
  • rewards

  • care for the individual
  • ways of implementing this care


I think efqm can help in benchmarking  for communicating sucess and faliure.

may be giving good examples of benchmarking can help in pma

Efqm also helps to have clear goals according to me

Deming helps to improve quality acordint to me

These are a few aspects I want to look into

Leadership and Direction

The word leadership itself has the word "LEAD in it. I think its important for the leader to lead as its important to tell the employee if his/her ideas, way or working is right or wrong. I think thats called leading. Showing someone the path is leading.

Demings Profound Knowledge too says that its important for leaders to have knowledge of the system, appreciation for the system and understand peoples psychology. Its important to moniter all aspects while leading. You dont have to tell employees what to do all the time but direct them when they go wrong or dont understand what they are doing.

If your employee thinks that you are not very intelligent then they might try to cheat you. To understand the employee and their actions its important to understand Demings profound knowledge

Leadership and Vision

Its very imortant for political leader to be visionary. They must know where they see their countires in a few year.

One of my favourite example is Martin Luther King and his famous words "I had a dream"..........

We are living his dreams.......we will soon have Barack Obama as the next president of United States......

I think its important for a leader of a organisation to be visionary too. He must decide wether he wants to expand on his current business or diversify. This is wholely dependent on the leader. I may be wrong.

He does not need to look into the daily acitivites....managers are responsible for that.........

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