November 13, 2005

You're suffering from minor women's whiplash!

Just home from seeing Kathryn Williams and Ray Lamontagne in the Arts Centre. It was a really good gig.

The show started with Kathryn Williams' set. I hadn't heard any of her stuff before but she was completely captivating and has the most beautiful voice.

I had been looking forward to seeing Ray Lamontagne for months and he was even better than I hoped he would be. It's so amazing to me that a shy, quiet man can sing with such passion and power. His raspy vocal is even better live and gave me goosebumps (it even made me want to cry if Im perfectly honest)....

November 12, 2005

I want to get my schwerv on!

Been a long time since I posted, but I had such a good time last night, that I had to write about it.

After a ridiculously long journey from Coventry to Birmingham (some major train/bus issues, there's a surprise!), me and Gareth found our way to the Jug of Ale in Moseley where we were assured of a good time because Jeffrey Lewis and Schwervon! were in town.

I've seen Jeffrey Lewis about 4 times before and he never dissappoints. I first hear him on John Peel's show about 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with his crackly voice and lo-fi sound. His lyrics are often humourous and make you feel like you know him instantly. Lets just say his performances always give me goosebumps and I will always try to go to his gigs whenever he's in the UK.

I had never seen Schwervon! before and was really excited. Schwervon! comprise of Major Matt Mason (guitar) and Nan Turner (drums). I sort of knew what to expect because I have one of their albums (Quick Frozen Small Yellow Cracker), I've seen Major Matt's solo show, have a load of his albums (Me Me Me, Honey Are You Ready For the Ballet?, Bad People Rule the World) and I read Nan Turner's livejournal religiously.

We decided to sit on the floor right at the front of the stage, and despite my ass falling asleep half way through the gig, the view was worth it. Schwervon! started the show with a really energetic (if not a bit sweaty!) set. Major Matt was awesome on guitar and Nan was amazing on drums. I like their sonic youth/pavement/pixies sound which is made even more impressive when you think that these other bands have 4 or 5 members. They didn't seem to tire and they left us wanting more (which is always a good thing). When we talked to them afterwards they were really nice people who seemed genuinely interested in hearing what people had to say….and I bought a cool t-shirt which nan painted :-)

Jeffrey Lewis' sound seems a lot rockier now then when I first saw him in Belfast, when he seemed a lot more nervous and unsure of himself (or what the crowd would think of him). I'm pleased to say that his new material, while louder, hasn't lost any of the charm, wit and innocence of his earlier stuff. His brother Jack is an entertaining bassist, who's body seems possessed by the music, and drummer Dave's shouts of 'satan, satan, satan', were, umm….fun! The unique experience that is a Jeffrey Lewis gig is made complete by his 'music videos'. He is an accomplished comic book artist, and uses this to illustrate some of his wackier songs. It was good to hear some of my favourite songs, like 'back when I was four' and I just wish the gig could've gone on for longer.

tomorrow I'm going to see Ray Lamontagne, and although I really like him, last night's show is gonna take some beating

October 07, 2005

"Welcome to Fossil's Funworld, where fun plus world equals… world fun.

When I last wrote in my blog I was packing up my stuff and saying a teary farewell to Leamington and to the university. I was waiting to graduate and then do god knows what. Everything ahead of me seemed uncertain and very scary.

Now, 3 months later, I am back at Warwick, living on campus and beginning my MA… that is scary. I only made my final decision that I wanted to come back here as the sociology graduation party was finishing on graduation day. It suddently hit me that for the first time in years I had actually started to enjoy learning and that I should try to cling on to that feeling, and I suddenly knew that I should stay on at warwick. But because of the fact that I decided this on graduation day I had resigned myself to the fact that it was too late. I spoke to someone and was told that there was a place on the course waiting for me if I wanted it…..for a person who was already drunk and emotional, this took awhile to sink in. But it did, and 2 days later I submitted my application. It was all very rushed but it has worked out.

Im annoyed at myself for not thinking it all through properly before I graduated, then I could've arranged to live with friends, but instead Im in halls. It's handy for lectures, but my god I had forgotten how claustrophobic I get living in 'the bubble'. Speaking of claustrophobia, Im getting out of here now, heading to Birmingham for the weekend – Supergrass tomorrow night (if I can get a ticket :S).

Hopefully I'll get round to writing about the great summer I had at some point, but before I go… a big thank you to Gareth for introducing me to the world of the Mighty Boosh…..WOW!

June 24, 2005

I like you, I'm going to call you Marshmallow

It's my last night in Leamington and I'm feeling sad. I've done all my packing and my cleaning and now there is nothing left to do to occupy my mind and stop me from thinking about how much I'm going to miss this place, all my friends and even my lecturers. I never thought I'd be sorry that I have no more essays to do and no more exams to revise for ever again, but I am. It's strange how you can start uni feeling positive and have that positivity beaten out of you by the small-minded, ignorant, offensive, rude and unfriendly people that you are forced to live with in first year. First year was quite possibly the worst year of my life (for reasons more than living with pricks, but I'm not going to get into that here). But things have changed and I want to thank all my friends at uni for being amazing and for making me realise that I enjoy living here and I enjoy going to lectures (...sometimes). Thank you to all of you (you know who you are) and you've been great. I really hope we all keep our promises to meet up again in the future.

Enough sentimental stuff…if I keep thinking that I'm leaving then I'll spend tonight crying (like I did last night).

On a brighter note, I got a 2:1 and so did all my friends so congratulations to them and to everyone else. Thanks to all my lecturers this year (especially Cath and Andrew) for being interesting and making me excited about learning things again….I really appreciate that.

Global warming has raised it's ugly head again but no-one seems to notice. Reports of extreme heat, localised flooding and a freakin' tornado in Coventry were condensed into a quick news summary and no mention of the fact that the end of the world is nigh. A freakin' tornado in Coventry!!! Surely this is not a good thing? or do I normally miss tornado season in the midlands?
Is it wrong of me to be slightly happy that Glastonbury has been flooded? I'm not bitter that I couldn't go….no real interest in more than about five of the bands playing, and I can't afford it, but it makes me laugh to imagine the particular breed of poser who goes to Glastonbury because it's seen to be cool even though they have no interest in 'real' music for the rest of the year, knee deep in mud desperately trying to stop their designer sunglasses from floating away whilst trying to secure their burberry tents. It will help me sleep tonight.

Anyway, as it's my last night in leamington, I'm going to do something slightly more memorable than blogging about the misery that is moving back home to live with my parents.

Keep your fingers-crossed that I will be able to find a job in England quickly before Belfast consumes me….oh yeah (6 hours in a van and 2 hours on a ferry await me….YAY!!)

June 12, 2005

bishi bashi boshi!

Woah, it's been ages since I've blogged…

Finished exams on 23rd May which was good but it feels strange to have no real ties to the university anymore (except the dreaded results of course, and hopefully graduation!). I still feel like I'm going to be coming back for another year in September, and it terrifies me that I won't be.
First year of uni sucked so much that I am amazed I stayed here but things got increasingly good and now I don't want to leave…bloody typical! The 'real world' is a scary place, I am not ready for it and it definitely isn't ready for me. I have no job, no desire to have a job and absolutely no idea what kind of job I want, but hey, things could be worse.

Post-exam celebrations are blurry. Had a great day with mel, helen and anisha, pizza, 2 trips to the Coventry fair (yes, two trips in one day – not my idea!!) and for all my searching there was no Zoltar machine, and Top Banana rounded off the day. Getting to do my impression of Kate Bush's 'wuthering heights' was a personal highlight, as was getting our picture taken for uni hot-shots, purely because the poor guy had to take our picture about 12 times as Helen couldn't keep her eyes open – no change there then!

The last few days have been spent recuperating from Adam's trip over from Belfast to experience the joys of Birmingham and Leamington. That week was mainly spent intoxicated, watching dvds and playing tournaments of bishi bashi special (I kicked both gareth and adam's butts). The least enjoyable day was spent watching 'The League of Gentleman's Apocalypse', we are all big fans of the tv shows, but the movie was lacking in the one thing that made the show good – jokes. All in all it's been a good way to get over the stress of exams and to block out the fact that the 'real world' is knocking at my door. Now I have to look forward to cleaning, packing and travelling back home to Belfast with my dad in a big white van (6 hours of driving and map reading with my dad – joy of joys!)

Now Im off to enjoy my last two weeks in England, who knows where I'll be this time next year…probably trying to get back into uni!

May 24, 2005

'whore box'

It's great what you can buy on ebay these days…


May 12, 2005

Put your hand inside the puppet head

I have seen the future and it wears a hood…

'Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…'

I love my neighbours. Yes, north Leamington is home to the 'Kennedy Square hood ratz.'
'why the "hood ratz"?' I hear you cry, well, wait for it…...they all wear hoods…ahhh!

A typical day for a 'hood rat' seems to consist of playing games – their favourites are, 'would you buy us some drink? especially some white lightning?' and 'could you get us some fags?'
My favourite is the classic, 'try not to walk in the smashed remains of the Bacardi bottle that was thrown at your bedroom window last night.'

I also love the man who lives in the flat above us and is currently listening to 'Amarillo' at full volume and clapping along with it….in all the wrong places…...

May 07, 2005

Public enemy number one

Today while doing the same tesco shopping that I do every week I noticed I was being very closely monitered by not 1 but 2 Tesco security guards. They followed me in a very conspicuous way and everytime I stopped to pick something up, they did too. Just because I have a Northern Irish accent and I choose to wear my national costume (JOKE!) while shopping does not mean that I am an aspiring thief. You may think the security guards were only doing their job but they were so obvious that they may as well have asked to conduct a stripsearch. They need to take tips from a real law man, the silver fox of channel five late night tv, Sheriff John Bunnell I salute you…

Watch out for the gypsy children in electric dresses, they're insane

Hey you, what are you lookin' at? Oh yeah, my first blog…

'I wish I'd been a bit more spontaneous. Sometimes I feel like going out, stealing a traffic cone, putting it on my head and saying, "Look at me, I'm a giant witch!"'

Yay for me, I've blogged!

'Remember that song, the Safety Dance? That dance wasn't a safe as they said it was'

I'll be back with more soon… Bet you can't wait _

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