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November 12, 2005

I want to get my schwerv on!

Been a long time since I posted, but I had such a good time last night, that I had to write about it.

After a ridiculously long journey from Coventry to Birmingham (some major train/bus issues, there's a surprise!), me and Gareth found our way to the Jug of Ale in Moseley where we were assured of a good time because Jeffrey Lewis and Schwervon! were in town.

I've seen Jeffrey Lewis about 4 times before and he never dissappoints. I first hear him on John Peel's show about 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with his crackly voice and lo-fi sound. His lyrics are often humourous and make you feel like you know him instantly. Lets just say his performances always give me goosebumps and I will always try to go to his gigs whenever he's in the UK.

I had never seen Schwervon! before and was really excited. Schwervon! comprise of Major Matt Mason (guitar) and Nan Turner (drums). I sort of knew what to expect because I have one of their albums (Quick Frozen Small Yellow Cracker), I've seen Major Matt's solo show, have a load of his albums (Me Me Me, Honey Are You Ready For the Ballet?, Bad People Rule the World) and I read Nan Turner's livejournal religiously.

We decided to sit on the floor right at the front of the stage, and despite my ass falling asleep half way through the gig, the view was worth it. Schwervon! started the show with a really energetic (if not a bit sweaty!) set. Major Matt was awesome on guitar and Nan was amazing on drums. I like their sonic youth/pavement/pixies sound which is made even more impressive when you think that these other bands have 4 or 5 members. They didn't seem to tire and they left us wanting more (which is always a good thing). When we talked to them afterwards they were really nice people who seemed genuinely interested in hearing what people had to say….and I bought a cool t-shirt which nan painted :-)

Jeffrey Lewis' sound seems a lot rockier now then when I first saw him in Belfast, when he seemed a lot more nervous and unsure of himself (or what the crowd would think of him). I'm pleased to say that his new material, while louder, hasn't lost any of the charm, wit and innocence of his earlier stuff. His brother Jack is an entertaining bassist, who's body seems possessed by the music, and drummer Dave's shouts of 'satan, satan, satan', were, umm….fun! The unique experience that is a Jeffrey Lewis gig is made complete by his 'music videos'. He is an accomplished comic book artist, and uses this to illustrate some of his wackier songs. It was good to hear some of my favourite songs, like 'back when I was four' and I just wish the gig could've gone on for longer.

tomorrow I'm going to see Ray Lamontagne, and although I really like him, last night's show is gonna take some beating

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