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I fear the photographer
Name: Ash

Who am I?: I’m originally from New York, then moved to Belfast, and then warwick uni. Did an undergratuate degree in Sociology here, and loved it so much that I didn’t want to leave so now I am back living on campus as a postgraduate student, still with the Sociology Dept. (Social research with specialism in the sociology of education – bit of a mouthful). Campus living ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, but at least I don’t have far to walk to get to lectures.


Music (Elliott Smith, Moldy Peaches, Jeffrey Lewis, Schwervon!, Grandaddy, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Pavement, Mark Lanegan Band, Kyuss, Alice in Chains,Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend, QOTSA, Belle & Sebastian, Beach Boys, Shooby Taylor, TMBG, Dinosaur Jr., Flaming Lips, Beck, Ween, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Mudhoney, Black Flag, Butthole Surfers, Leonard Cohen, yadda yadda yadda…)

Films (Ferris Bueller, Anything John Hughes/brat-pack related, My Neighbour Totoro, The Man with Two Brains, Napoleon Dynamite, The Three Amigos, Labyrinth, The Goonies, Too Legit to Quit:The M.C. Hammer Story and anything by Tim Burton/Johnny Depp and anything with Joaquin Phoenix)

Photography (Particularly love the work of Lee Friedlander)

Art (David Shrigley, Frank Kozik, Roy Lichtenstein, Jermaine Rogers, Steve Keene)

Comedy (Bill Bailey, Mitch Hedberg, Alan Partridge, Futurama, Family Guy, Adam and Joe, Father Ted, Scrubs, The Mighty Boosh, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm)

And the rest… who wants to know?