March 14, 2014

Types of Decision Making Based on Personalities

In this reflective piece of blog I want to talk upon the aspect of different types of decision-making, which can be done depending upon the personality of the leader or a manager. Extrovert is one of the personality traits, which can be found in an individual. Extrovert is a person who actually says whatever ideas comes in his mind in the way to reinforce them and communicate them further without any hitch and this type of personality also prefers face-to-face communications to brainstorm ideas and take feedback on the concerned issues. Other personality type can be the introvert character. In this type of personality trait the personality keeps the ideas with him or her majorly tries to communicate with writing to the group meetings. Introvert personality likes to build the ideas in isolation and after a lot of consultation. The sensor is another personality trait that basically likes to focus on the each and every detail and likes to learn through the experience rather than consulting theories and whatever he or she says is out experience. The user of intuition personality type prefers to look at things from a global perspective. Whatever he or she says which is a decision is out of logic and can be an extension of some theory. The thinkers use mere logics in decision-making. They like to use rationality in decisions and they can be thick skinned sometimes. They also can get indulged in conflicts while making some decisions. Feeler can be a personality where emotions and feelings are involved while making some decisions and he or she is quite sensitive as a personality. They sometimes take things personally and the use of logic will also prevail while serving their feelings in communication process. The other aspect of their personality can be they might avoid making some decisions, which they might fear will make them unpopular. So the above mentioned types of personalities plays a very important role in making decisions.

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