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February 13, 2014

Leader's followship

In today's class we had a very interesting discussion about the leader should love its followers. Loving the followers doesn’t mean romantic love it can be respecting others point of view and counting his views in developing the policy. Other point of discussion was should leader treat its followers as family members but different emotions comes up while treating the family members which cannot be the same as in case of employees. A leader should treat him as one of the employees and consider him in the same place.

Very interesting concept of voluntary effect which a leader wants to consider in the case of employees is that 70% is the compliance and the rest is the voluntary which a leader wants his employees to be doing while performing the tasks. A leader can create environment where the employees or followers can do any task without fear. If there will be fear in the environment the employees will be restricted in thinking and will not perform to the expectations. So what I believe is there can be one on one conversation and discussion with the leader where the action of the leader can be challenged, which will result in the voluntary action, which a leader wants to happen while performing a specific function. The actions of followers should be voluntary.

Leadership Characteristics.

As we were discussing the leadership in class i actually wanted to know what makes a leader. Are the leaders born or the leader can be built so i went on surfing on the internet that what are the characterstics of a leader or what reflection we can see from a leader as in whole. Very interestingly i came accross a few characterstic which you will find in every leader. Some characterstic which I acknowledged are :-

  • Leader is adjusting and flexible - Leader can adopt to evry situaltion and surroundings and performing their best to adjust in the situation.
  • Respectful - An effective leader always gives and gains respect.
  • Good Communicator - A leader has to be a good listener considering the options suggested by others or the team members. Leader asks many questions and considers the options available to him which will lead him to the right direction.
  • Open to Change - A effective leader will account all the poit of views suggested by others and will develop a policy considerings all the points mentioned by its team for the completion of the objective.
  • Organized nature - you will always see a leader will be well organized whether its the meetings presentation or the appointments. Being organized will be the part of his nature.
  • Initiator - A leader will be the initiator and a motivator to its team. He will be responsible for planning and implimenting of all the new ideas.

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