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January 09, 2014

Implementing DFSS

I was quite curious to know how actually we can implement DFSS in an organization so i did a few readings to know more about the implementation process when it comes to DFSS , organizations should emphasize the responsibility for implementation and financial accountability . Stressing the importance of DFSS , company management should emphasize the importance of being faithful to the DFSS process. This means that the ' meticulous and disciplined use of DFSS tools like QFD to understand the voice of the customer and translate that voice into meaningful parameters that engineers and professionals to better understand , and the likes of other DFSS tools such as transfer functions (s ie , models ) , expected value analysis , robust / parameter design, tolerance allocation , sensitivity analysis , and more. If companies do not want to use the DFSS tools, not reap the benefits. It's so simple.

Implementing DFSS , you have to have faith that if we use these powerful tools , which eventually reap the rewards. This is what the experience of GE , Lockheed Martin , Seagate , Dupont and others are showing . Unfortunately , there is much happening in the market today indicates that many companies want to avoid the hard work of DFSS and direct access to the savings , which is not a magic potion that will provide savings automatically. Not so . We have some great tools for DFSS in our modern age we did not have before, but if we do not use , we really can not wait for the results . The "new" instruments include having established concepts , have a way to implement them and make them accessible to the masses, that is, through better hardware and the "new " or just software.

Companies talk about wanting a change of culture . But more and more powerful ( as evidenced by the introduction of the horse , the wheel, the printing and the computer as historical evidence ), the change of culture will be ultra slow , no matter how badly we want to change . Breakthrough Improvement will not happen without powerful tools. Thus, in an era that seems to be changing again migrated to the need to feel good about things , in order to effect change , we must remember that the tools are very important and should be used to facilitate change . In the DFSS implementation, responsibility for implementation is as important as the financial responsibility because the use leads to results. In addition, the responsibility for implementation is easier to control.

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