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June 07, 2005


I remember why I'm never as enthusiastic about the arrival of summer as most people are. Allergies! The weather may be nice, the sun might be out and the temperature soaring into the err…low 20s, but allergies contrive to make your life a misery!

It was particularly bad today. Extremely dry eyes, sore throat, persistent sneezing and a stuffed up, twitchy nose, you name it. GRRR! And that's after taking daily tablets to combat them. With luck the symptoms will pass in a while. In the meantime, expect to see me hanging around looking a little miserable from time to time! (just for a change :-))

Went on a walk from Campus to Leamington and back today with my 3 peaks challenge team, as part of our preparations for the event. About a 20km round trip. It took us just over 2 hours each way, with a break for lunch in leam. About 5km per hour – not too bad. My feet were quite sore by the end of it though, partly due to trying to wear in some new boots. Still, nothing a relaxing bath wont fix…mmm.


June 03, 2005

My house…and things

There are a number of issues with my house. If it was properly maintained by its occupants, in all honesty it would probably be quite a nice house. The wood-panel ceiling downstairs is quite a nice touch after all, and the open-plan layout is nice too.
It's a pity, really, that the said wood-panel ceiling leaks. More specifically, it tends to leak from the bathroom upstairs down to the kitchen whenever somebody gets a bit free with bath water (or forgets about the shower screen). At least we got the major problem which caused the kitchen to flood altogether fixed. This is a student house of course, so it's no surprise to find that the boiler doesn't work properly either. The toaster no longer toasts, and the hoover certainly doesn't hoover without a lot of encouragement. But the kettle still works (tesco value kettle no less), so we can still have tea :-)

None of these house issues were apparent when our living room was taken over last night, thankfully. My housemates brought round their "Cell" group for the evening. Small world really, since I knew quite a few of them from elsewhere! I have to say I've never seen the living room by atmospheric candle-light before, either. Interesting. Anyway, there was a fair amount of bible study and prayer sessions I think. I went out for a jog :-) (from my house near the Fletch, down the A45, past canley fire station to the double roundabout at Tesco, then back. That hill is tough work.)

They did rope me into a game of "Mafia" later on in the evening, whereby as a group you have to discover the two murdering mafia in your midst before you all get killed off one by one (figuratively speaking that is – I don't think cell groups condone actual violence somehow!). My defence speeches always seemed to consist of "I'm scottish. I'm incapable of violence!" Umm.

Suffice to say I should have come up with a better defence :-)

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