May 18, 2005

Two down…

…but another 6 still to go. One of my friends came out of the exam hall yesterday, muttering "Bastards!" over and over. It does a better job than I ever could of summarizing how yesterday's exam went :-)

Go moderation I say. Oh for the days when exams were easy. I remember when I was doing my Standard Grades (that's GCSE for most of you), and instead of revising my friends and I bought a 1 month cinema pass and went to see as many films as possible. Difficulty didn't really some into it then – and I can tell you that an 8 year old could quite concievably pass things like Foundation Geography. I looked at a past paper at school once. A question had a big picture of a hill, and asked "is this a good site for a settlement?" There was a tick box for "yes" or "no" and a few lines for an explanation. Something like "Yes, because it's on a hill", or even "No, because it's on a hill" would suffice. Ahem.

In further Plasma Physics developments I emailed my tutor to say how worried i was about it. She told me not to worry. All I needed to do was make sure I got good 1st class marks in most of my other modules to keep my grades up.

Goodness, that's all? If only I'd known earlier I wouldn't have gotten so worried about it…

P.S. I really must find something positive to blog about! :-)

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  1. Lucy Griffiths

    Exams: Good when you remember things that are not related to trivial pursuit questions but are actually related to the exam you are taking.
    Bad when all you can think about is stuff you shouldn't be because it is in no way relevant to the exam.

    I'm really good at being bad.

    19 May 2005, 08:52

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