April 22, 2005

The End of a Week

Well, Week 1 has finally come to an end – and thank goodness for that! I haven't managed a blog entry for a while, largely due to the exams I had this week. They were starting to loom rather menacingly.


So, Thursday's joint paper was the excitingly titled Quantum Physics I/Solid State Physics I which a great many people were worried about. Fortunately it was fine overall – though I did put in a hefty amount of revision on this one. I have also discovered the following:

– I can consume an entire packet of extra extra strong mints in one exam.
– I can still use the magic pencil in exams
– Drinking a whole bottle of water in a 3 hour exam is unwise.
– Exams are still rubbish

For those of you who aren't sure what the magic pencil is, let me explain. You're confronted with a physics question. Say, for example it involves a lot of rearranging, perhaps some integrating or differentiating. It's quite complicated, but fortunately your examiner has been considerate and given you the final answer you're supposed to get to. (ie. "Show that the minimum energy of the system is given by…........."). You work through the problem. Then you look at the answer given and find that you're answer doesn't match. You then take out the magic pencil and alter your working until it does! Or if you're really desperate, you decide that your answer must be equivalent to the one written down on the exam paper and so write down the correct answer on your sheet.

So, on to Friday's exam which was the slightly different Physics in Medicine/Weather and the Environment combined paper. Despite sounding much easier this didn't go so well. Medicine turned out all right in the end, but Weather was moderately disastrous. It seemed all the stuff I knew how to answer didn't come up – grr. I probably passed, but I wrote so much rubbish on my answer book it's not true. I also made use of the old trick that works as follows:

– Question reads "show that some quantity is equal to some number given these other numbers"
– Look at the numbers given and find that you can combine them in some simple way to get the answer
– Decide this must be the way you're meant to do the question!

…welcome to physics. Understanding? Ha!

In a fit of silliness, I also decided to incorporate the word "Badger" into the titles of all my remaining exams. So to look forward to I now have:

Badgers and Laser Physics
Statistical Badgers
Nuclear Magnetic Badgers
Electromagnetic Badgers
Stellar Badgers
Introduction to Badgers and Elementary Particles
Badger Physics (my personal favourite)
Introduction to Badgers (not to be confused with Badgers and Elementary Particles)

…ok, how silly is that. Very. Well, it's been a long week.

Wind Orchestra

In the meantime, the new exec has been getting busy settling into their new jobs. It's going well so far, and I'm enjoying it myself, but of course there's a long way to go. The only trouble I'm having is that it's sometimes difficult to clear your mind of all the WO related things that are going on. This can be really annoying when you're in the library trying to revise and you realise you've been musing about something to do with WO. Still, that's the nature of the job!


So to finish off this alarmingly lengthy entry it's time for some random and fairly brief trivia questions. I'm sure I had more but I can't remember them all. So here's a couple:

– Which is the constituency with the largest land area in the UK and who is it's current incumbent?
– Which WO member's mobile phone went off during the performance of Pirates of the Carribean in term 1?
– How many seats did the Conservative party win in Scotland in the 2001 election?
– In what year was Suite No. 2 in F composed?
– How many votes did Mark Oaten MP originally win his seat by?
– How many music society T-shirts do I currently own?

…so a mixture of electoral and musical trivia for you. The answers will appear in a little while :-)

Time for a cuppa,

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  1. Chares Kennedy's seat (can't remember the name). The current incumbent is Charles Kennedy.
    Ant Edwards.

    Don't know
    2 (but then there was a by-election because they didn't trust such a small majority (although my home constituency's majority of 33 is apparently large enough to trust))
    Don't know, but I'm going to guess 4.

    23 Apr 2005, 09:06

  2. Suite No.2 in F? You're not doing the bloody Holst again, surely?

    Surely it's time that went the same way Disney Fantasy did in Brass Band for a while.

    Ok, sorry, perhaps it's just me having been here too long.

    25 Apr 2005, 10:50

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