March 07, 2005

Photocopier Heaven

Aye, I was wondering this morning, in my inimitable Scottish manner, why it is that I seem to find myself always loitering in the Music Centre Office. And then I realised. It's because I love the photocopier.

And not just in the way that you might normally say 'I love badgers,' I actually love photocopiers. Their beautiful grey sheen, their sleek curves, the subtle hum as they sit, waiting to pounce on any music that they are offered by way of sacrifice, the marvellous roar as they come to life, lights flashing, beeping as they devour the paper that is fed into them and spewing out vast tracts of paper, beautifully crafted with a delightful copy of the original – what is there not to get excited about?




All donations of photocopiers very welcome. Hmmm.

BTW - Note to self. Next time Owen suggests not leaving myself logged in to a computer, I really must pay more attention.

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  1. well done andy (!)

    as much as it pains me to say it, do pay more attention to owen.

    and nice entry!

    07 Mar 2005, 13:34

  2. You will have to share your love of the photocopier with me, if I am to do half as good a job as you have as librarian of W.O.!

    07 Mar 2005, 14:17

  3. Heheheh… and to think I actually believed you'd written that until I read the last sentence…

    07 Mar 2005, 14:18

  4. That was beautifully written…pity it had nothing to do with me, really! :-)
    Obviously my age has now advanced so far that I can no longer remember when I log on to computers in the first place. Problematic!

    07 Mar 2005, 22:45

  5. Lucy Griffiths

    but seriously dudes, the photocopier is fantastic! I've spent 3 years in love with it. That makes me possibly the saddist librarian this fine music centre has ever had. Owen, he's a bugger isn't he! The scottish accent was quite accurate tho…

    08 Mar 2005, 17:26

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