May 29, 2005

Free Time?

A lot of people attempt to have some sort of post-mortem on their exams. Excuse me if I don't – I prefer to forget about them. All I can say is that I did my best – and that's all I ever ask myself for.

So now I have some of this strange thing people call "free time" on my hands. I can't quite grasp what this actually is, so unfamiliar a concept is it. Apparently it has many uses though. Personally I'm so used to keeping busy that I never know what to do with free time on those occasions where I actually have some. Oh there's still plenty of music stuff to do, but the gaping void left by exam revision isn't filled by that alone! It's all a very strange thing…

Consequently, last night I found myself playing a curious board game with two of my housemates: the interestingly titled "Die Siedler von Catan". It's not a bad game, but it's made much more fun by the fact that my housemate owns the german version. Hence gaining "die langste Handelstrasse" (the longest road) or the "Grosste Rittermacht" (largest army), – cue silly accents – becomes much more entertaining. I did lose every game mind you, but hey…

Another plus point of this free time is that I've realised how stressed I'd been for the last few weeks of revision. Not very healthy – but everyone is in the same boat at this time of year. Very best of luck to everyone who still has exams to go!

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  1. Settlers is a really good game… and not just because you can spend the time waiting for other people to have their turns by building little towers with your free pieces. I always used to get beaten by my sister fighting for the longest road though.

    30 May 2005, 08:21

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