March 19, 2005

Edinburgh…and public transport

…hm, it's been a while since I've been up here in Edinburgh. Perhaps not surprising given the trouble it often takes to get here. On friday night I was supposedly catching the 17:23 from coventry to edinburgh. Thanks to the fantastic bus services offered by Travel West Midlands, I ended up having to prevail on my housemate to drive me to the station in time, the bus having spectacularly failed to appear. Silly me – I forgot I was getting a virgin cross-country service. It was already running 30 minutes late by the time it got to coventry! Sigh!

These services being what they are, by the time we rolled into Edinburgh Waverley it was 23:20 and we were 50 minutes behind schedule. About average, unfortunately! Mum was not too impressed :-) Mind you, it did give me time to read the exciting march edition of "Physics World"...several times. And drink lots of tea. Mmm.

Still, Edinburgh is as sunny as ever, and it's good to catch up with family and friends again. Not that most of my friends up here made much effort – apathetic lot that they are. At least the bus services work. I forgot that too, and ended up being extremely early for meeting people. Ah well :-)

No time to stop revision of course, so I brought my notes – well, some of them – with me, and am trying to at least do some reading. I find it really hard to work here at home!

Well anyway, bed is calling. Got the exciting return journey to look forward to on Monday. That could get interesting…

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  1. Have you considered flying from Birmingham to Edinburgh? I was looking at doing that when I was still going out with my ex, who's at St. Andrews Uni, and if you get the right flights (the fares I found were with, the total price including getting the train to Birmingham International wasn't much more than getting the train the entire way – and even allowing for check-in times etc, it's still a good few hours quicker.

    21 Mar 2005, 12:56

  2. Hm, yes, I could fly I suppose – but I prefer not to, in general (do you know how much air pollution an aircraft causes? Ouch, it's a lot).

    22 Mar 2005, 19:01

  3. True… but that aircraft will be going anyway, regardless of whether you're on it or not! And in terms of miles per gallon per passenger (although not in terms of exhaust emissions) they're actually more economical and efficient than cars.

    26 Mar 2005, 23:07

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