March 25, 2005


Well, the easter weekend is upon us, and most people are probably jetting off home to enjoy a relaxing/fun weekend. I'm not going anywhere though – for me it's just a quiet few days to try and get some work done!

I hate holidays. Christmas vacation is the worst, but I'm not a fan of easter either. Why? Because it's an excuse for things to stop working properly that's why. Shops close, public transport goes down the tube (grr!), people aren't available, so attempting to get anything done is subject to lots of delay and general faff. I guess for most people holidays are a chance to go home and see family and be generally happy etc. Me? Um, no. Not particularly.

Ok, so not a particularly cheerful entry so far. I guess I'm not in a particularly cheerful mood! Shocking, I know. But there's more to come…


I was reminded of the sad state of the university's food outlets during vacations today. One of my course friends caught up with me in Kaleidoscope (oops, Cafe Library), and was eating a jacket potato, with cheese and coleslaw. Personally, I thought it smelled (and looked) a bit like it had PVC glue on it, but what do I know…

…but like most places on campus, the food was overpriced. The only decent value place I can think of is South Central, but if you want some food later on in the day, you're in trouble. Especially during the holiday, since everything's closed.

Of course, the most criminal thing to my mind is the Arts Centre. They charge £1.00 for a cup of tea. A teabag in some hot water?? £1?? I think not. At least it's not as bad as buying a cup of tea on a Virgin Voyager train (£1.20!)...

Food and drink is where most of my inheritance has gone at Uni (ok I don't have an inheritance, just an overdraft, but if I did that's where it would have gone.) Grr-age!


So why so grumpy today? I dunno really – haven't been very productive, and am a bit disappointed in my ability to understand physics at the moment. And since the library is closed over the easter weekend, it's working from home 'til tuesday. Yay. But never mind, nothing a cup of tea (or three!) can't put right!

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  1. Cheer up Andy, you have made it through 2 years of uni. which is good going as far as I am concerned.

    Happy Easter, from someone who does celebrate it!!

    26 Mar 2005, 17:17

  2. Cheer up Andy! Only three weeks to go! On the other hand, don't wish away the time… the quicker it goes, the closer we get to exams… urrrgghhh

    26 Mar 2005, 23:04

  3. Thanks guys. I'm feeling a bit less grumpy now :-)

    28 Mar 2005, 20:15

  4. Lucy Griffiths

    I think you need some of my stash of ferrero rocher before I eat them all. Guaranteed to cheer you up or fatten you up, and to be honest my boy you could do with a bit of both! ;-)

    31 Mar 2005, 11:05

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