April 24, 2005

Arts Centre Tea

A short entry this evening. I just wanted to belabour an old point. The tea they serve in the arts centre is absolutely awful. It's a public arts centre, "The largest of it's kind in the UK outside London", and they can't even make a decent cup of tea. Furthermore, all the metal teapots have an astonishing tendency to leak when you attempt to pour them, quite impressive for a device specifically designed to CONTAIN liquid.
Just to top it all off, the metal teapots come equipped with a metal handle, perfect for conducting heat and allowing you to accidentally burn yourself. Fantastic. And how much for all this? £1.00. Bargain.

I really don't know how they make tea that tastes as poor as that. I swear I couldn't do it if I tried. my mum would be appalled. And she knows a thing or two about tea, I can tell you.

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  1. the leaky teapots irritate me too- if i'm going to fork out a quid for a cuppa I at least want the tea to go in the cup, not all over the bloody table! grrrr

    24 Apr 2005, 22:56

  2. At least tea is cheaper than their orange squash which frankly is cordial and water. Definitely not worth £1.30.

    24 Apr 2005, 23:03

  3. Lucy Griffiths

    Seriously -£1.30 for squash?? I'd complain. It can only cost them 5p to make you a pint of that stuff, given that the only difference between it being legally free (bars have to serve tap water free) and being more expensive than alcohol (WHAT!!!) is the cordial which is about 60p for a litre of value stuff. That's a disgrace.

    Their tea is OK if you get take-away, Andy – they put the bag in and put a lid on, the only way it gets spilt is if you trip over the little guy who cleans the tables and mumbles incoherantly at you. It's still a rip off though.

    26 Apr 2005, 23:53

  4. Lucy Griffiths

    actually, on second thoughts, alcohol in the Arts Centre is about 3 times the price of their squash. I was thinking of 'normal' prices there, not hugely inflated ones. Silly me.

    26 Apr 2005, 23:55

  5. Well, the only bonus is that they do Earl Grey for the same price… no effect on the spillage issue though. Perhaps a straw?

    09 May 2005, 00:59

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