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April 24, 2005

Arts Centre Tea

A short entry this evening. I just wanted to belabour an old point. The tea they serve in the arts centre is absolutely awful. It's a public arts centre, "The largest of it's kind in the UK outside London", and they can't even make a decent cup of tea. Furthermore, all the metal teapots have an astonishing tendency to leak when you attempt to pour them, quite impressive for a device specifically designed to CONTAIN liquid.
Just to top it all off, the metal teapots come equipped with a metal handle, perfect for conducting heat and allowing you to accidentally burn yourself. Fantastic. And how much for all this? £1.00. Bargain.

I really don't know how they make tea that tastes as poor as that. I swear I couldn't do it if I tried. my mum would be appalled. And she knows a thing or two about tea, I can tell you.

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