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May 18, 2005

Two down…

…but another 6 still to go. One of my friends came out of the exam hall yesterday, muttering "Bastards!" over and over. It does a better job than I ever could of summarizing how yesterday's exam went :-)

Go moderation I say. Oh for the days when exams were easy. I remember when I was doing my Standard Grades (that's GCSE for most of you), and instead of revising my friends and I bought a 1 month cinema pass and went to see as many films as possible. Difficulty didn't really some into it then – and I can tell you that an 8 year old could quite concievably pass things like Foundation Geography. I looked at a past paper at school once. A question had a big picture of a hill, and asked "is this a good site for a settlement?" There was a tick box for "yes" or "no" and a few lines for an explanation. Something like "Yes, because it's on a hill", or even "No, because it's on a hill" would suffice. Ahem.

In further Plasma Physics developments I emailed my tutor to say how worried i was about it. She told me not to worry. All I needed to do was make sure I got good 1st class marks in most of my other modules to keep my grades up.

Goodness, that's all? If only I'd known earlier I wouldn't have gotten so worried about it…

P.S. I really must find something positive to blog about! :-)

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