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March 14, 2005

No tea!! Grr!


What did I find when I got up this morning? One of my housemates has managed to consume everybody's milk overnight! I'm shocked and appalled, since it means I can't have a cup of tea. That's right, NO TEA. (Unless you like black tea – eeuch, horrible stuff). As a result I'm feeling rather cross just now.

If there's one item of foodstuff that I don't like sharing it's got to be my milk. Not because I'm mean, but because I need to keep track of how much I've got, so that I can always have tea :-)
I may have to start taking measures. Somebody I know used to put colouring in their milk to dye it blue. Nobody ever went near it after that…but then, I'm not sure I would either.


So now it's Monday (my word, where does the time go?) and many people have already wandered off home for easter. For me, it's another fun day in the library. My plan is to read through another lecture course, and perhaps try some questions on Statistical Physics which I read yesterday. I was slightly worried when someone pointed out that if we leave off revising for our week 5/6 exams until after the week 1 set, we'd have about 3 days per subject available! Ouch. Better start now I think :-)

Going to the library will be delayed slightly, however, while I go shopping and buy some milk. And label it. And chain it up with a combination. Well ok, maybe not…

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