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March 06, 2005

Water Water, everywhere

Follow-up to Another week gone from Andy's Intrigue

On a completely unrelated note, not only does our bathroom still leak into the kitchen, this evening the washing machine decided to spill it's content of water all over the floor (the seal on the door having become loose). Annoying, but nothing a handy mop and a spare 20 minutes or so couldn't cure!

Managed to get some Quantum revision done today. Thank goodness for that, I needed to actually make a start sooner rather than later…

Another week gone

Hmm, well another week at Warwick gone by, and it's Area Contest day for the Brass Band. Good luck to them all – they've certainly been practicing hard, and deserve to do well! (though I'm quite glad to have been able to stay in bed this morning rather than go to Burton on Trent).

So, plan for the rest of the weekend? Do some more work on my final lab report, do a bit of revision for the Easter exams (Quantum or Solid State most likely), maybe slip into the MC and practice my euphonium.

Come to think of it, I did practice my Euph yesterday. Jeez, was I bad. Rusty doesn't even begin to describe it. Instead of splitting high notes, some of them just didn't come out at all! I suppose this is what happens when you haven't been doing much playing in Wind Orchestra, and you're not in the contest band for Brasssoc – plus symphonic brass are not rehearsing at the moment.

As an aside, I should point out how substandard my euphonium actually is. It has about a quarter of the value of the music centre euphonium, and it shows. In particular, top B-flat is incredibly difficult to play – a C or D tends to come out instead! Grr…it could well be a problem with my technique, but I have no trouble getting it on the MC euph. Of course, in the hands of a better player this wouldn't really be an issue :-)

But anyway…


Have you ever noticed that good amateur recordings tend to have a bit more spice to them than a lot of professional recordings? Take a CD I have of Peter Graham music, by the Royal Norwegian Navy band. It's all very good and well played, but the music often feels a bit sterile, without much "soul". You can't tell whether the players are enjoying it, which really makes a performance of music if you ask me. Similar from some recordings you hear of top brass bands like YBS or Black Dyke.
However, take good amateurs like the RNCM wind orchestra (who have recorded just about everything), and it's usually a much more exciting listen. A bit strange perhaps, but maybe the fact that the orchestra is working harder, and isn't necessarily note perfect, but is enjoying the performance, makes a lot of difference.

Right, time to go and do some work.

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