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March 02, 2005

More Snow? Oh dear

Just looked out my window to see it's snowing rather heavily. Oh dear. Ok, normally I like snow. It's just that I'm leaving to walk onto campus in about 5 minutes!
To be fair though, my plan for the day was to be on campus at 9, to get a few things done before my lectures start at 10. Oops :-)

Oh well, a little snow shan't stop a Scotsman :-)

Midweek Mutterings

Well, it's been a busy week so far…

My first highlight of the week – my Plasma Physics lecture course is finally over, after the summary on monday. This summary turned out to be so exciting that Dr Arber, who had come in to assess the lecturer's performance, actually nodded off during it! So you can imagine what it's like for us students! 16 of us made it to that lecture, an all time low from the registered class size of 120 :-)


Also on Monday was the WO AGM, just about the most nerve-wracking experience I've had for a long while! I had mixed feelings afterwards: On one hand I was really pleased, but on the other it meant a friend of mine hadn't got the result they'd hoped for. The problem was always going to be that we couldn't both be elected!

I was really impressed with the conductor auditionees too – I'm sure I wasn't at that level when I first started doing it, so the future looks bright!


Back to normal on Tuesday; lectures, lab work, muchos tea consumption. I foolishly agreed to play a chess match in the evening (probably the final time i will do so for the university), so that was pretty much my day. Unfortunately, tomorrow a great deal of Librarian related stuff needs to be done for WO. Ah well! Don't forget, concert friday :-)

Well, I'm sure I have more rambling to do, but it's time for bed :-)
Night night.

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