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April 01, 2005

April Arrives

April already? Gosh, where does the time go? Ah yes, I remember, it goes into revision avoidance! Why do I suspect the house may be getting another spring clean this weekend? :-)


I was doing a little music practice yesterday (shock horror!), and after digging around through the pile of music in my euphonium case I found a few very old things from school. It made me do a little reminiscing…

The first one was a concert programme from October 2001, at Balerno High School. In the credits it read:

"Brass Ensemble: Alison Hawke, Charles Dalziel, Andrew Inglis"

I remember that concert (my bass part was rubbish and continuous but never mind). Alison went on to sing in the National Youth Choir of Scotland for a while, though I've lost track of what she's doing now. She might be at the RSAMD in Glasgow. Her brother used to play tennis with mine. Small world huh?
Charles (or Chaz as he was generally known), well, I have no idea to be honest. He's not at Warwick, that's for sure. Me and Chaz were two of the guys who sang the solo verses of "The Boar's Head" for Senior singers in our christmas concert in my final year. It's still the only thing I can sing :-)

Which reminds me…Gareth and I made a deal to join Chorus next year. That could be…interesting…

The second piece of paper that caught my eye was a christmas letter from my philosophy teacher, "Mr. R" as he signed it. (Yes I did philosophy at school – very good course). It starts with "Dear Fellow-Philosophers" :-)

I won't quote the whole thing – it's quite long! But it reminded me of our philosophy class. It was probably one of the most interesting courses I've ever done (I shouldn't say, but the school awarded me the first excellence award for philosophy. It's at mum's house somewhere, on a mantlepiece somewhere I guess). Among other things Mr R took a few of us on a trip to London for a philosophy conference. It's not every teacher who'd do that. Flew there and back via easyjet, as i recall – though he had to pick us up at about 04:30 in the morning!

I was also reminded of my old euphonium teacher. He was my only teacher, and taught me for 9 years. I think I might send him a copy of this year's Wind Orchestra CD when it's made…

Anyway, I must go. There's talk of going to Baby B tonight. To B or not to B? That is the question.

Ok, that's not very philosophical.

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