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May 28, 2013


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What is Quality?

  1. The word “QUALITY” is broadly used in broad areas and carries numerous definitions.
  2. To a layman, what is meant by QUALITY is probably associated with grade, luxury, or degree of “goodness” of a product or service provided.
  3. From a customer’s perspective, QUALITY is defined as “conformance” to customers’ requirements, and doing it right the first time” (Crosby, 1980; Feigenbaum, 1986; Besterfield et al., 1995).
  4. In other words, Quality “concerns, reliability, consistency, speed of delivery, accuracy of invoice, courtesy of telephone answering, value of information given, reputation of the company, and etc.” (Oakland, 1993).
  5. From my owned perspective quality is something correlated with fit for the purpose.

What is Reliability?

- It represent element of time for effective accuracy and percision of a service or product. Knowing and understand the priciple of reliability is crucial so that effective maintainance program can be designed.


Figure 1.1: Application of Reliability in Service Sector (Vehicle Inspection Equipment)

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