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February 08, 2013

Business simulation exercise

The leadership simulation task was very interesting and challenging. It was about investing in a hotel by renovation and managing it for 6 quarters. As the leader i had to understand the task, analyse it and make investment decision to select a hotel and the level of service.

The importance of this task was imbeded on the burden it carries on the leader and how to deal with stress. It helped me identify what characteristics should a leader have to get the whole team on board towards success.

When reflecting on my skills i understood That a big part of the leader role is to act as a coordinator. This happens in three steps; assess the required skills to successfully complete the task, assess the team skills and coordinate between both aspects to be able to have the whole team working as effectively and efficiently as possible towards the shared goal.

In my future career, I can carry on those basic skills to lead tasks and build on them by experience to shap the leadership standard i thrive for.

February 04, 2013

Coffee time exercise

today we had an exercise about coffee assuming that it is not allowed to be consumed in the office due to accidents that caused to stain the carpet. In an analysis of the task, the manager came to brief us after sending the email that it is not allowed anymore. This caused a conflict as if the decision was made already then what is the point of negotiation.

The importance of this task is the demonstration of communication importance. The communication comes across much smoother verbally than by email. The first reason is that an email limits the speaker's expressions. Secondly, the effort to spend time for briefing employees. Moreover, giving the chance for followers to have a say in their destiny increase there cooperation significantly.

In my future career, if i got the chance to lead i will be following a democratic leadership style. I believe that for employees buy-in i have to give them a voice which will lead to increase in the department productivity. Secondly, negotiation should be with an authority to make a collaborative decision or else headship is implemented. Finally, limiting the comfort of the employees working environment "i.e. no coffee in the office" might result in limiting there productivity and effort beyond compliance.

February 01, 2013

Hoshin Kanri and EFQM

In this task i learned how hoshin kanri planning principles meet the EFQM criteria 2 of policy and strategy. This task helped me to learn how policy deployment conforms with each sub-criteria.

This task is very important because it enables organisations to improve from failing and ineffective plans to excellent strategy deployment approaches.

the most important part that this task helped me to learn that any new business approach to be adopted should first be evaluated against the EFQM model to understand how can it meet excellence. For example, if we are about to implement a new manpower scheduling system it is important to evaluate it against people management on the EFQM model to understand its effectiveness and how will it help in supporting the organisation journey towards excellence.

Hoshin Kanri and EFQM

January 31, 2013

Manager, can you please give me a lecture

In an assumption that we go to work in a job, would the manager give us a task to complete from day one? is he a good leader if he did not provide guidance and support us to meet mutual goals? I would stand up and say "Manager, can you please give me a lecture?".

My experience about the work environment is that an inexperienced graduate will start with a training program or a graduate scheme. After its completion you are expected to perform what you have been trained to do. You are also expected to improve the quality of your work by experience and knowledge. However, if you have been asked to do something new you can learn it from your colleagues that know how to do it. But if your manager asks for something totally new like implementing carrying a qualification test on instrumentation he has to put you through formal training. The training is for two reasons, first you have to learn and be qualified before doing a job (experience without theory is not useful) and secondly in the event of something going wrong you can be held accountable for the consequences of your actions. It might might be that i had a good leader.

I have tried to merge what i learnt about leadership in a story. Reflecting on it, to be a good leader it is not enough to be influential and work towards a mutual goal. Those are the starting and ending points of leadership. To achieve success it is important to focus on the mid section which is in my opinion facilitate the work of followers and provide guidance. In terms of a manager those can be providing the proper working environment to maximise potential productivity (facilitating) and guide towards the required knowledge and skills to improve the quality of followers productivity (guidance).

If i was to use this in my future career my leadership will be based on 4 steps:

  1. influence and motivate followers to get full buy-in.
  2. facilitate there job to maximise there productivity.
  3. provide guidance towards the necessary skills and knowledge to improve followers quality of work(watch for a follow-up blog on this point)
  4. work together towards the acheivement of goals

Note: This what used to happen to me in my working environment which might differ from one organisation to another.

January 30, 2013

leadership definition

The leadership definition task is interesting, it helped us to get an insight in what it consist of. Understanding the definition will give us a rigid ground to work on towards the development of our leadership knowledge and skill. We observed as a group that there are alot of definitions, yet there are pretty similar in themes.

This task helped me to identify three important elements in leadership which are ability to influence, followers should follow by will, and facilitating the achievement of goals. In my future career where i might have to lead or evaluate my leader i will be looking for those three factors as evaluation criteria. This will specially help me in reflecting and self assessing my leadership skills. I will happily carry this my definition to my future career as a guide.

January 29, 2013

Winning strategies exercise

This exercise was about analysing the performance of a company to be able to suggest a business strategy that can improve its financial performance. Although the first part is a business exercise the strategy selection is a leader role to be able to guide the organisation towards achievement of goals. We played the role of a CEO confidently without knowing.

before leading it is important to fully understand the current situation, as noticed from the exercise each department had a different perspective of the problem. A leader is a person who is able to come up with a decision underpinned by theory after assessing the situation from various perspectives.

This task will help me when leading in future to lead from within the group and listen more than talking. If i lead from front i might miss important circumstances that might influence my decisions. As followers gave there destiny to their leader willingly they deserve to be heard for the sake of achieving the desired goals which the sole reason of following.

Lifeboat exercise

The lifeboat exercise was about choosing a leader for a sea ship disaster which was sinking. There were various characters to be chosen from for this purpose. The thing that i was not aware of earlier that we were focusing on two aspects as the selection criteria, first knowledge and skills of faced environment and circumstances and secondly interpersonal skills in dealing with people and ability to lead.

This helps me to confirm my theory about who should be the leader or more specifically what characteristics should he/she have to play an effective role. I always believed that it is not about convincing people to follow but more importantly the ability to facilitate the achievement of purpose or goal.

This can be used in mini-projects, the leader of the mini-project should be a good facilitator with project management skills and with the most knowledge on the subject. Even if it was difficult to have both a good facilitator will be able to extract this tacit knowledge from the group to achieve the highest potential mark as a mutual goal.

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