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March 24, 2013

Implementation of a theory

reading about a leadership theory is very interesting and useful, however, people tend to depend on intuition when leading without focusing on executing the knowledge gained from a certain theory. To be able to implement it there are two main useful points to support it. First it is useful to create leadership requirement from a certain case and thematically link it to a certain characteristic of a theory. This will help to envision what has to be done in major situations to achieve a certain desired outcome. Secondly, continuous self assessment can help improve the leadership skills when compared against organizational needs. This self assessment and reflection can help drive performance to a level suitable to drive organizational performance through it.

The importance of this concept is that theory is different from practise and improving the leadership skills can play a significant role in organisational growth. This awareness will make a leader in charge of developing his/her performance up to a suitable level.

In my future career, i intend to use TFL theory and based on the engineering projects i get i can construct leadership requirements to drive my team performance and link it to the main characteristics. I can then develop my self by self assessment against the projects outcomes and departmental needs. Moreover, i can use the individualised consideration to view my current leadership standing from my followers perspective.

Leadership theory conformance

Their are various leadership theories, each of which is compatible with certain personalities. For example, Hautala (2003) carried out an empirical research asking subordinates for the most transformational leader. The author found out that the most transformational leader who have sensing and feeling personality.

it is important to take the personality into consideration as a person might expect that he/she is leading well with a theory and the subordinates disagree. The author research also covered the leaders opinions of them selves and he found out that other personalities rated them selves as very transformation when in fact the subordinates disagreed.

I am very found of Transformational leadership. I was planning to improve my self with it to become a transformational leader. However, my personality might not be compatible with it or more compatible with other theories. On this basis, i am going to take the Myers-Briggs personality test and from their look if i can be an effective transformational leader.

Leadership continuous improvement

knowing and understanding a theory does not imply that a person is capable of using it to lead his team using it. Moreover, such a skill requires development by understanding the current capabilities, self assessing frequently and reflecting on the areas of improvement. in transformational leadership the four components are measurable based on the outcomes apparent on the followers which can be used as an input for self assessment and continuous improvement.

Only by understanding the current performance a person can start to improve as it will help to shed the light on improvement areas that people are not aware of. Morover, individualized consideration can give the leader a chance to understand his current performance as a leader is as good as his followers perception of him/her.

By assessing my self every month on my leadership skills i can understand how can i improve.I can assess my self against transformational leadership measurable outcomes that are widely available in the literature. As a leader this will give me an indication as what performance should i expect back from my followers. I can extend it to control the team performance through my leadership skills after developing sufficient capabilities to do so.

Intellectual stimulation

Intellectual capabilities are the main resource for creativity and problem solving. providing followers with new problems to solve, motivate them to think creatively and engage them with work improvement stimulates their intellectual capabilities and leads them to be more innovative and responsive.

This approach has a benefit of improving the intellectual capabilty of the followers as well as to improve the organisational performance. This is an example of a healthy development leading to the creation of a competitive team. It is the leaders obligation to seek his followers continuous development and intellectual stimulation is an effective approach.

In leading an engineering project i can benefit strongly from adopting this transformational leadership characteristic. By engaging my team members in solving an engineering problem i am contributing to their continuous development as well as share the responsibility of this project with them. to aid this approach i can coach them in using decision making tools, TRIZ, ideation and DFSS. providing them with the essential tools will encourage them try what they gained in solving any organisational competitive issues.

Idealized influence

Idealized influence is component of transformational leadership charateristics. Influence is strongly associated with vision and sense of mission, it is also a result of respecting followers and inspiring them to exceed their potential. Moreover, Empowering followers and including them decisions that affects their work has a positive correlation with their performance and commitment to the organisational goal.

This approach has various benefits. The main benefits are that empowerment will put employees in a position to work based on their expert judgement and not just follow orders, this will lead to working above the compliance level without waiting for rewards in return. Moreover, they will be ready to override their self-interest for the common goal of the organisation.

In my future career, even if i wasn't a manager i will still work on influencing people around me. I believe in our organisational goal and influencing others by respecting their engineering judgement, inspire them to work hard and empower people that work in my team will lead to them also believing in the organisation and work beyond minimum compliance level.

Individual consideration

Individual consideration is part of transformational leadership. The leader coach his followers to develop their capabilities and delegates projects to stimulate their learning. This is based on each individual initial capabilities as employees vary in their skills and ability to learn. They gain feedback to allow them to understand the required improvement area according to the organisational needs. Nevertheless, the leader has to treat each individual the equally in terms of rights and duties to create a healthy cooperative work environment.

This approach leads to a stronger relation between the leader and follower. Moreover, when followers get the attention of the leader they are more motivated to improve as they see them selves worthy of improvement and hold a potential in the eyes of their leader. Furthermore, individual consideration will allow the leader to understand his followers more closely and direct his team where they are most effective.

In terms of leading, if i got the chance to lead an engineering team i will give each team member an individual consideration as this will benefit both of us. The team members will work on developing their capabilities and i will be able to understand their technical knowledge leading to position them towards a more productive and efficient team performance.

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