March 09, 2012

Reflections on Induction Day

Having worked really hard over previous weeks to get to the required level on the L3 maths assessment I arrived with some trepidation on day 1. I realised that I had not done all the pre-induction tasks but will go home tonight and go back over what we have covered in the ICT session. I thought I knew ICT but even I have found this quite difficult to follow all the links. However, this is getting clearer as the session is progressing.

I have now got home and settled a bit with a cup of coffee and I am now thinking a little clearer away from the hustle and bustle of today. We covered loads during the day today and I now feel that I need to spend time finding my way around this and making sure I fully understand what is expected of me in the coming weeks.

I am excited but also full of trepidation. Even having studied recently on a level 5 course does not mean that this course will be easy. It is set up in a very different way to the course I have just finished and, of course, it has different tutors with different expectations. I feel that I might feel more confident when I have had some work marked and received feedback. This should then enable me to appreciate more fully what is expected of me by those delivering the course. Only time will tell.

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