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October 31, 2008


No money. 36 hours. As far away as possible.

It starts tomorrow morning: where will we end up? Well in the best of all worlds we would smash all previous records and find our way to New Zealand somehow, and I see no reason not to work under that assumption…

You may or may not be able to follow updates at Twitter and/or my Facebook profile, depending on what Orange decides to charge me for texting from abroad and whether I decide that’s worth it.

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December 21, 2007

Contrast, if you will

What I should have been doing:
  • Writing up my progress on my project
  • Doing more cool stuff on my project
  • Adding more cool stuff to the mindbender game
  • Thinking about the two business essays I have
  • Buying Christmas presents
What I have been doing:
  • Watching Heroes
  • Watching Scrubs
  • Watching Dexter
  • Playing Super Mario Galaxy
  • Playing Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

October 05, 2007

Extreme Busyness

I am far too busy to write this entry, since I really should be in bed sleeping, so that tomorrow I can be up at/before 8:00 in the morning for the third day in a row.

But the world needs to know of my horrific struggles (and apparently I need to further avoid being productive and/or refuse to get sensible amounts of sleep):

  • By the weekend of the 13th, I need to have a complete Java game framework and an absolute beginner’s guide to programming (with games) written. If I don’t, then I let Warwick Game Design down and our first event is a terrible flop and it will all be my fault. P.S. join Warwick Game Design! We’re going to have an introduction to game making event and other cool stuff very soon, and it definitely won’t be a flop.
  • Within a week, the project specification for my horribly ambitious third year project needs to have been started, finished, and shown to my supervisor who is quite nice but I think already has a bad (but probably fair) impression of my work ethic.
  • I have an Assassins’ Guild website to make but the old webmaster let the site stop working completely and has now disappeared off the face of the earth. P.S. join the Assassins’ Guild—it’s great fun and I have so many stories from it. The idea is that you get assigned a target and are given their name, their course and where they live. Then you track them down and kill them with a water pistol or some more creative weaponry if you so choose. Of course, you have someone targeting you at the same time, so watch out for anyone looking suspicious.
  • I have a house full of people which means that I’m incapable of being remotely productive while I’m there.
  • I’ve bought a bike, which my leg muscles are already attempting to kill me for.
  • There’s no nearby supermarket and I have yet to even have the time to go shopping anyway.
  • I have been among the many caught out by the incompetence of the student loans company, by which I mean that I realised yesterday that I never applied for mine. I’m also very close to my overdraft limit, which temporarily reduced itself for no good reason at all.
  • I haven’t even had time to do any juggling other than at the juggling society meeting. And I’ve already lost one of my new juggling balls. P.S. join the Juggling Society! We can teach you many very cool tricks.
  • My laptop arrived, which you’d expect to be a good thing, but when I first booted into Windows, I got this screen. Of course, that wasn’t really so surprising. Ubuntu got hit by a particularly nasty bug, but thankfully someone else had found and posted a solution for me, so it didn’t require hours of work to fix.

August 10, 2007

Annoyed at myself

There’s so much stuff I could be doing. Things I’ve promised others that I’d do; things I’ve promised myself. Most of it would be pretty interesting, too. But I just want to escape it all and do… nothing. It’s just so easy to lose a day watching episode after episode of some TV show, or playing a game for hours on end. It’s like I have an aversion to working on interesting projects, and I must find some way to defeat it.

I have no such aversion to juggling (possibly because it comes under the category of wasting your time), but so far today I’ve managed to hit my nose and thumb painfully hard with flying clubs, and taken a nail-shaped chunk of skin off my finger.

May 17, 2007

I like numbers which don't have an odd prime factor

I must have walked more than 6 miles last Friday – to and from campus twice with heavy things like my PS2 and my juggling stuff, and into Earlsdon for Jen’s party and back (and I later dreamt that I walked there and back again to climb a tree). And also spent 3 or 4 hours in the middle not being able to sit down, while teaching people to juggle and falling off a unicycle (not both at the same time – falling off a unicycle requires both hands for flailing purposes).

The party was good. There were some great scenarios, like “shoes tell lies and socks tell the truth” and “boys are friendly and caring; girls are cold and mean”. And I had fun making a tiny card out of paper (with an envelope too) after Jen commented that several of her cards had the same general image on them. Of course, talented artist that I am, my card design was obviously greatly superior.

I spent a lot of Sunday trying to fix my Gallery installation after what should have been a simple 2 minute change instead broke everything. Wanting to move the directory it was installed in, I should have disabled the URL Rewrite module before doing anything. Like it said in the FAQ which I didn’t read until too late. And so, wanting to avoid having to undo and redo something exceedingly simple, I made my life ten times harder by ploughing on anyway.

It also didn’t help that I was confusing the data directory and the code directory. I ended up installing a newer version and pointing it at the older version’s data, but it seemed to get confused by the URL Rewrite module, which refused to work, and stopped everything else from working also. The moral of this story is to read the documentation before you start doing something, not during.

A lot of today has been spent reading this thread in its entirety. Time well spent.

April 24, 2007

My schedule

1) Finish assignment
2) Sleep (optional; if time allows)
3) Hand in assignment
4) Sleep
5) Do laundry/washing up/food-buying/TV-watching/anything else that has been neglected for the past week
6) Begin procrastinating for the next assignment

Hmm, I don’t notice any time for “learning from my mistakes” there. Ah well, it can’t be that important then.

March 20, 2007

Cutting your nose off to spite your face

My brother Ian spent yesterday being a rebellious teenager, because I stopped him watching cricket after about 2 hours to play Twilight Princess. So when told that if he cooked some tea, he could watch more cricket afterwards, he decided to pretend to do so, while actually creating some bizarre concoction. It involved slicing an onion in half, sticking uncooked spaghetti in the top like cocktail sticks, and then sticking slices of ham on top of that. And then he ate it. I really wish I’d taken photos of it now.

“Carbohydrates, protein and vegetables – a balanced meal”

Then when I told him he had to wash up, he locked himself in the toilet with his iPod. I tried pointing out that was a total waste of time, but apparently any activities other than watching cricket are a total waste of time anyway. Later, he came out, still didn’t want to do it, and locked himself in the other toilet, sans iPod – which has got to be even more boring than watching cricket.

I have replaced the Collision Detection book with a Game Physics book. Unfortunately, I don’t understand a lot of what it’s saying, so it’s not a huge improvement. Still, work on Blobber proceeds.

February 24, 2007

Collision Detection

Collision detection is still really hard. I reckon I’m getting somewhere, though, mostly by ignoring what the big book says and implementing the least efficient algorithm I can understand. And then guessing what values need to be negative and which need to be positive so he doesn’t end up falling upwards. And then drawing intricate diagrams on scrap pieces of paper to understand what’s going on, only to find that the exact opposite happens for no readily apparent reason. And then re-reading my code for the 15th time, realising it’s a horrible mess but knowing that any attempt to tidy it up will break just about everything I’ve done so far, and to be honest it’s not that great anyway; I might as well break it, then I’d have an excuse to start from scratch. But then I realise that even if I were to start from scratch, it would just take me another week to get back to where I am now, and the new code would probably be even worse.

So yeah. Totally getting somewhere.

February 14, 2007


Why do we have the expression “brain like a sieve”? Sieves are highly useful kitchen utensils and make an excellent analogy for the brain – you should sift through large amounts of information, breaking it into smaller piece of information that can be processed separately. The only reason you could possibly have a problem with a sieve is if you were to somehow mistake it for a strangely flimsy wok. So the next time you catch yourself using that phrase, qualify it by appending “but not like a good sieve, like a bad wok-sieve hybrid that leaves your food in a gooey mess on the floor”.

There’s another 48 hour game making competition this weekend. Should be good, especially since I have some experience of making games this time. I’m hoping to get Operation Meltdown to a vaguely-complete state before then, so I can spend the next 3 months finishing whatever we start at the weekend. It should just be a case of ending the game if you destroy all the regulators.

I got asked some questions by some people with a big camera. But I went with my usual plan of just saying the first thing that sounds vaguely philosophical. The witty thoughts didn’t appear until afterwards. And since the new, witty thoughts are much better answers, I have to wonder if my non-witty answers mean these people now look down on me like scum. Not to worry though, it’s not as though they knew me. Oh, wait…

Apparently, I have demonstrated outstanding achievement in my degree course. I think that before congratulating me on that, they should give me some kind of short questionnaire. “Did you do any work for your outstanding achievement? Yes/No (pick one)”. And then I could say no, and then they could go bother someone else.

February 01, 2007

The adventures of Data Structure the data structure

I have spent the last 12 hours writing a pitiful amount for our group software project documentation. Very slowly. But I also wrote a cheerful and uplifting story about a data structure which James won’t let me put in an appendix.

Once upon a time there was a lonely data structure who had no friends. So he talked to the great programmer in the sky, who told him that if he really wanted, the data structure could be used in the algorithm the programmer was making. And the data structure was happy, because he would get to meet new and interesting data structures. Maybe he’d meet a charming young lady data structure, fall in love and get married.

Which just goes to show you that programmers are great and you should suck up to them more.

I have a 9:00 seminar tomorrow in which I’m meant to be enthusiastically Solving Problems. Nuts.

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