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January 22, 2007

Update for the sake of updating

It’s freezing outside, so I decided to warm up by doing some fire juggling.

Took part in the RAG pub quiz with the Assassins’ Guild yesterday, where we tied with VGDSoc, despite having about half as many team members.

Also saw a house with a tiny kitchen that we probably won’t be getting. It’s hard to find a house for six people.

I’ve settled on which modules to take this term, which means I no longer have 6-7 hours of lectures in a day.

October 21, 2006

Not tired, just awesome.

I did some fire juggling on Thursday. It’s hard. Jen has a video of it, but whether I’ll ever see it is unknown. I never saw the video of my bungee jump, and that happened months ago.

The Assassin’s Guild held two short games earlier today. In the first one, I died almost instantly (but I did take the other player out with me). The second game, I did far better, and ended up winning. I killed four people – two by creeping up behind them, and two because they had no ranged weapons.

Going to the circus tomorrow.

September 10, 2006

Cracker Watch

Mairead, in her deluded fashion, has decided that a cracker, if left outside of a cracker jar, will eventually go mouldy.

Rather than pat her on the head and say, “Yes, deary,” (followed by running away quickly), I decided to prove her wrong in the greatest scientific experiment ever performed on a cracker.

And so began the arduous task of photographing the cracker. These photos were provided to the scientific community to examine and verify my results. So far, no scientist has found a trace of mould in these images.

However, before the project had even reached the two month mark, disaster struck. The cracker was missing from its fortified storage location. The guards, after extensive questioning, realised that they had not necessarily seen the cracker since its last test, two weeks prior.

Someone was a cracker-thief.

Someone who probably also answered my phone so that I wouldn’t find out that my juggling balls had arrived. That’s just the type of thing that a cracker-thief would do.

Suspect #1: Ian Hazelden

Look at that grin on his face. If that’s not the grin of a cracker-thief, I don’t know what is.

Ian has unparalleled access to the storage room, often wandering in for the sole purpose of annoying me. I am confident that he would happily eat the cracker, even if not particularly hungry. Ian was aware of the experiment, but this would not have stopped him from eating the cracker, and might even encourage him to do so.

Suspect #2: Mairéad

Look at that ugly grimace on her face. If that’s not the grimace of a cracker-thief, I don’t know what is.

Mairead has the most to lose from the cracker experiment’s conclusions. Disrupting it would keep herself from being proved wrong once again. She also bears several violent grudges against me, the most recent of which being when I completely destroyed her while playing Risk.

On at least two occasions, she has had easy access to the storage room.

Suspect #3: Christopher Hunter

Like Mairead, Chris had recently been humiliated in a game of Risk. However, he is unlikely to have taken this personally.

Being unaware of the cracker experiment, it is possible that he may have seen a tasty-looking (and non-mouldy) cracker lying about, and simply decided to eat it. This would not be out of character.

Since he left to go to work when everyone else stayed sleeping in the tent, he had fewer opportunities to eat the cracker than Mairead.

Suspect #4: Paul Hennell

Hennell was at least aware that there was something going on with the cracker, so is unlikely to have eaten it accidentally.

However, he might have eaten it in the hope that it would cure whatever illness he was suffering from on the trip to Hay-on-Wye. In this case, he might ignore the scientific value of the experiment for his own benefit.

This is not very likely, since to the best of my knowledge, crackers have no restorative healing powers.

Suspect #5: Peter Sparks

Pete probably didn’t eat or steal the cracker.

April 11, 2006

Random thoughts

Bra'tac was a schoolteacher in the Legend of Zorro.

"What happened to the letter G?" makes an okay April Fools joke, but would have made a better short film.

My hair is either just too long or just too short. Or much too long. I wonder what I'd look like bald...

It would be cool to have a house with only one room. You could have rope ladders allowing you to move up/down, and curtains to give some privacy to bedrooms and bathrooms. And you could have chairs attached to the walls on long poles. Potential downside: falling out of bed could be painful.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an excellent film.

By this point in the holidays, I should have at least found the pieces of paper which tell me what work I have to do.

Do I let "me" define me? I should try to do something new or unusual at least once a week [during next term]. Only I can't really think of anything.

I should juggle more.

I seem to be incapable of going to bed before 2:00, or getting up before 12:00.

Google Local has better maps than something using the Google Maps API. Apparently though, if I use the next version of the API, I might get the better maps. I definitely think this needs to be done. Perhaps not until I'm back at university, though. Sidenote: you can just about see the pink caravan in our back garden at the highest zoom.

March 22, 2006

Term 1 recap – what I did

Since term 2 is over, now is the perfect time to record all the interesting events from term 1. Obviously.

My computer didn't want to connect to the internet. I sidestepped the problem for a while, before installing Ubuntu. This fixed the problem, and was generally a good thing.

At the second juggling society meeting, I met James, Jen and Darren. Jen and Darren had apparently only started juggling the previous week, which was impressive.

Early in the term, I saw Ross Noble at the Arts Centre, who was hilarious. Highlights were rewinding through most of his act on a whim, and jumping out at somebody who went to the toilet.

On Tuesday of week 3, I decided to walk into Coventry. Hilarity ensued.

The Monday runday probably occurred on a Monday, and involved two people racing to Tescos and back from L3, in the 15 minutes between lectures. Unfortunately for me, I was one of the two people, and I'm just as good at running short distances as I am at walking long distances.

At some point, the juggling trio mentioned above invited me to a Kaylee (more commonly spelt Ceilidh). Despite not really knowing what this was, and not knowing either Jen or Darren very well, I accepted enthusiastically. Well, I accepted.

I got ever so slightly lost finding it, though, in the same way that murderers ever so slightly break the law. It's a perfect subject for another Google Map Animation, but I'd need a better map to create it with. However, in the end, I got there and danced the merry night away. I believe I met Merle and Callie there, although their names almost certainly didn't stick until term 2.

I went to Sheffield one Saturday to meet up with people from Bristol. As well as playing spot the police officer, we watched Wallace and Gromit at the cinema (which has Marcus Brigstocke in the credits). On the way back, I caught a coach to Birmingham, intending to catch a train from there. This plan required my being able to find my way from the coach station to the train station, of course. After only a few minor setbacks (such as choosing entirely the wrong direction to start walking in), this was exactly what happened.

On Wednesday of week 7, I turned up to what was theoretically the first of three Perl seminars, interested in how you could cover Perl in just three hours. The turnout was somewhat amusingly low. Afterwards, I spent some time with half of the people who were there (all two of them), mostly because there was mention of working through the insanely hard Problem Sheet 3. That didn't happen all that much, though. Then I was invited to the Linux User Group meeting, where they were too cliquey, so I eventually ran away.

A week later, I went on a trip to IBM with the Computing Society. That was fun enough, but I don't think I gained anything from the experience.

On Friday of week 9, I went with a bunch of people to see Harry Potter. That was the opening night, and the cinema was ever-so-slightly busy as a result of it. So we got there early – problem solved. Except for the bit where our tickets had "AM" instead of "PM" on them. We stood around in confusion for quite a while, being given conflicting information every so often. Eventually, most of us got in, and the rest went home and came back later in the week.

I was in the latter group, which was probably for the best, since the Leeds Juggling Convention was the following day, and I needed to get up for it. I got much juggling done, and Dave tried to improve my pathetic diabolo skills (without much success). On the way back, I supplied some logic riddles and Richard supplied some word riddles.

February 14, 2006

Only slightly bruised

I went ice skating today with the juggling society, and I didn't totally suck.

October 05, 2005

Alan loves mongooses

What is it about statistics teachers and not being able to teach? I’m still working out which modules I want to take.

Statistical Laboratory: meant to be easy marks; dull; parts of it stuff I did for GCSE
Introduction to Quantitative Economics: lots of CATS, so they recommend I only do one other module, also means if I screw it up it’s bad; not sure how interesting it is yet

My diabolo is steadily getting shorter. A couple of times in the past few months, it has broken off at the knot. No problem: just retie it a few centimetres shorter. Unfortunately, a couple of times in the past few days, it has broken off. In the middle. This is the third time now, and I suspect it won’t be the last.

I had a small uh-oh moment about my finances the other day, but it was resolved when I realised that my student loan is £3924, not £3294.

I went to see comedy. To repeat a much abused quote from (I think) Woody Allen, which won’t make sense here: It was good, but not great.

Due to too much time sleeping, I didn’t get a good look at the societies fair. There were some interesting ones, but I’m not sure if it’s worth joining them.

Serenity is out in the UK officially on Friday, with previews on Thursday. Hope to get a “this is what Firefly is; this is what Serenity is; you’re all going to see it” post done, but I’ve been meaning to write that for weeks.

So, if I don’t: Serenity is out in the UK officially on Friday, with previews on Thursday. Go see it.

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