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December 21, 2007

Contrast, if you will

What I should have been doing:
  • Writing up my progress on my project
  • Doing more cool stuff on my project
  • Adding more cool stuff to the mindbender game
  • Thinking about the two business essays I have
  • Buying Christmas presents
What I have been doing:
  • Watching Heroes
  • Watching Scrubs
  • Watching Dexter
  • Playing Super Mario Galaxy
  • Playing Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

December 12, 2007

One month of good, bad and ugly

The Good: (all programming stuff, apparently)

  • Me and Sam made a buggy game called Clockspider for the 48 Hour Game Making Competition. And then Sam rewrote it to be way less buggy (zip file with exe).
  • I made another game that’s still a work-in-progress, but that I think has loads of potential. It’ll bend your mind! (Java applet). Mostly, it just needs more levels and more stuff to go in the levels.

The Bad:

  • I had to do a progress report for my third year project, which at that point was behind schedule and still seemed hopelessly ambitious. It took ages and was generally demotivating.
  • My student card (used to access the Computer Science building) and my bank card (used to access my money) were, for different reasons, cancelled. Both are now sorted out, however.
  • I still haven’t gotten my loan, although hopefully it’s now working its way slowly through the system towards me.
  • There was an essay that I found myself totally incapable of doing. That made me feel useless and pathetic, and I’m choosing not to think about the fact that since I didn’t do it, there are two others to do for the start of next term, instead of one.

The Ugly:

  • I got some poi for Christmas. Poi, as we all know, are girly and rubbish unless set on fire and spinning very quickly. The problem is that they’re also kinda fun.
  • I played Singstar at a Game Design social.
  • I’ve been asked to be a flowergirl at Jon and Ellie’s wedding.

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