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December 27, 2006


I have too many projects.

I started making a Tetris clone an Ancient Hobbit Puzzle game. (Sidenote: some people have too much time on their hands.)

I have plenty of work to do on Operation Meltdown.

The Beautifully Choreographed Battle Game isn’t complete.

I have various other LotH-themed games I want to make.

Perhaps more importantly than those games, I have two pieces of coursework due in at the start of next term.

Mark gave me some more Javascript stuff to do for St Pixels.

My Dad wants me to do some PHP stuff for him.

I have Babylon 5, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development and now Wonderfalls to watch.

I need to complete Twilight Princess before I go back to Warwick.


Grandparents were here for the past three days. We saw Treasure Island at the theatre earlier today, and yesterday we went to the ice rink, where some of us went ice-skating.

Ian has an iPod. He wanders around the house with it on all the time, ignoring people even more than before. We either need to get a remote control for it, or I’m going to get into the habit of hitting him over the head before saying anything to him.

Wandered around town last Friday for many hours with Pete and Mairead. Nowhere has any copies of Wii Play. We were unknowingly in the same Starbucks as one of Hennell’s sister’s friends for some time. We went bowling after finding a Hennell – I found that Wii Sports seems to help, but not enough to let me win. Then we went to Pizza Hut and then back into town where we met people from school. Pete and Hennell went to get a lift home and I went with them intending to get a bus, not thinking that it would make sense to tell Mairead. Hopefully she got back home alright, though.

Ian is fairly often getting up to watch the Cricket before I’ve gone to bed. It’s just wrong.

December 18, 2006

We have a Wii

What kind of crazy freak buys a Wii without Twilight Princess? Does he not realise I only have a few weeks to complete it in?

On the plus side, I got him to name the console Wiilma.

Did some work on my game. Never again will I start a game without the code to make it frame-rate independent. It’s stupid amounts of work to add that in later.

December 06, 2006

Yet more improvements again

Follow-up to My impressive game that's no fun to play from Draknek's Deprecated Devlog

New version.

It’s gotten to the point where my initial assumptions no longer apply, and I’m having to work around the original way I thought I was going to do things. Not good.

It took me far longer than I was expecting to get different shaped collision boxes working. Which is bad, because my plan was to implement that, and then start learning several weeks’ worth of material so I can do my coursework (due tomorrow).


Made sound work when running it as an application.

More stuff on level 3.

Better spinning graphic on pickups.

Some things have round collision boxes, others have square collision boxes.

As a consequence of this, you can now walk right up to doors.

Changed projectile movement so they can’t go through doors/corners.


The new collision code makes it easier to get stuck on things.

It’s sometimes possible to shoot through doors and I don’t know why – seems random.

Scientists and mechanics seem totally unfazed by a terrorist running around killing people.

Guards don’t seem to notice large explosions or bullets flying past them.

Guards can easily get trapped on a corner/behind some furniture.

Ammunition is worthless, because there’s no ammo counter.

Not enough explosions.

Blowing up all the regulators does nothing

To do:

Some kind of respawn feature for when you die.

Add some end-of-game code.

Make people move about even when on a different level to the player.

Limit the player to only having a finite amount of ammunition.

Add some path-finding for the AI.

New blog location

After a hiatus of several years, I’ve started blogging again at

My website

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