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August 27, 2006


A few photos available here

Apart from the ridiculous idea of catching a coach at 7:00 in the morning, the day trip to London was fun.

We went to a prison where Jack Sheppard may or may not have escaped from.

I almost choked to death with Pete, Mairead and Hennell watching.

We went to Hyde Park and sat/wandered/chased Pete.

Then we went to the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, where we became varying levels of wet. Most people refused to join in the how–long–can–you–hold–your–breath competition. Libby managed to pick up a £1 coin with some kind of freaky vacuum–mouth ability. Someone made a boat out of our tube map, which worked really well, but sadly decided to die when I finally got round to trying to record it.

Then we went to Harrods (mercifully for only a brief time) where I was very tempted to buy a Mac Mini. Hennell's suggestion that I tell everyone that I actually had bought one worked well, especially with Libby. I wish I had got one, now, just for how she would have reacted when I finally showed it to her.

On the coach, Libby took photos of people, most of them with their eyes shut. Everyone saw the ridiculous number of photos Ian has taken on my camera. Some highlights include 12 photos of Chris (taken over the span of about 2 minutes), 4 photos of a bottle of Fanta (this one is the craziest to me), and various photos of me sitting down and doing nothing interesting.

I sold Hennell a bread loaf/roll for 1p.

I solved all of Mairead's problems, but she didn't seem that happy about it. She was very ungrateful indeed.

Nothing quite as eventful happened as last year's trip, which had the brilliant where-to-eat disaster, some small explosions and of course, the whole missing the coach back thing. Pity really, but I guess if you want excitement, you have to stay for longer.

And this entry is finished within a week of the last one (by about an hour).

August 20, 2006

Terrorists are the new communism

So, my update–once–a–week plan lasted 3 weeks, followed by 6 weeks of not doing so. In that time, I have done little. Certainly, there is no reason I could not have worked through my "stupid crap to eventually write about" list (currently containing 6 items).

What went wrong?

For starters, I picked myself to implement this update plan. A rookie mistake, really – don't rely on anyone who couldn't motivate his way out of a paper bag.

Additionally, I have just enough distractions to get me through any given day without having to do anything important or even interesting.

And thirdly, everything I have to write about is either uninteresting or outdated (or probably both).

What to do now?

Plan A: Stop writing anything. The uninteresting stuff remains uninteresting and the outdated stuff becomes outdated to the point of uninterestingness. This solves everything, but I remain incapable of remembering anything from further in the past than a couple of months. My memories of university become a mushy green goo smelling vaguely of peanuts.

Plan B: Train myself to update every day by whipping myself for every day that is missed. Problem: I don't think I'm physically capable of whipping myself without dislocating my shoulder. I'd have to build some kind of robot whipping machine, and I'd just end up delaying that as well.

Plan C: Write some kind of wacky Perl script that would update for me. Geekiness levels would rise and relevance levels would fall, but other than that, a good enough script could be indistinguishable from the real me. Problem: I'd have to tread a thin line between making something that sounds like me and making something that becomes sentient and tries to kill me.

Plan D: Continue trying and failing to update regularly with interesting and amusing posts about my life. Only update sporadically, when the peanut smell gets too strong.

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