May 16, 2008


April 24: Today I completed my project report.
April 25: Today I helped write and record a short audiodrama.
April 26: Today I went round David’s with James W and played Worms.
April 27: Today Hennell told me how he accidentally got the internet to send someone thousands of dollars worth of flowers.
April 28: Today I learnt how to write games in Flash.
April 29: Today I mocked Tanya for playing Minesweeper for hours, and then even more when she displayed a total lack of understanding of the basic game mechanics.
April 30: Today I spent hours looking for one stupid little bug.
May 1: Today I watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico with Tanya and she loved it.
May 2: Today Jon and Ellie came round for a games night.
May 3: Today I started making a very simple Flash game.
May 4: Today our house was invaded by Christians.
May 5: Today I did not much of anything.
May 6: Today I juggled in the beautiful weather.
May 7: Today I was busy with revision lectures, discussing fourth year project ideas, a strange film and a console social. But none of it was memorable enough to mention here.
May 8: Today I went to the IGDA meeting in Leamington, where there was cheap alcohol.
May 9: Today I began making yet another physics-based game.
May 10: Today the game began to vaguely look like a game.
May 11: Today the WGD library conspired against us in every way imaginable, and Jen had her birthday party.
May 12: Today Leigh and I decided that we needed to just pick a project idea for our fourth year group project, and that as we were the ones doing the picking, we should do an awesome 3D physics engine with pluggable components.
May 13: Today we found some more people for our group, who unsurprisingly weren’t that keen on the idea of doing a hardcore physics engine.
May 14: Today the internet went down and it made everything sad.
May 15: Today I began revision.
May 16: Today I updated this for the first time in almost 5 months.

Vaguely inspired by a scene from Into the Wild, which I found to be an amazing and beautiful film.

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  1. Sue

    For the last two days we’ve had a visitor from Germany staying with us so today we did some sightseeing. The first time she stayed with us was as an exchange student and we haven’t seen her for eight years although she has kept in touch with the family by letter and Email. This morning we looked round the Roman baths and like other members of my family (she almost seems like family!) she’s very interested in art so we went to an exhibition of mobile phone photography which was surprisingly good. In the afternoon we went to Thornbury because there was an art festival on there. Unfortunately we got there rather late (3.00 pm) and so the first thing we did was to look for somewhere to have lunch. This was easier said than done, everywhere we looked seemed to serve food only until 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm and a couple of the places we made our way to were closed altogether (two hotels which looked quite promising but were lifeless when we got there0. Eventually we went to the White Lion which turned out to be the cheapest pub I’ve ever been to. We had three meals and three drinks for exactly £16. It was a shame that our first choice wasn’t available (goats cheese ravioli and garlic bread) But two of us had jacket potatoes and cheese with a lovely big side salad while our friend had fish and chips with mushy peas. I only had a soft drink because I was driving but they had Stella Artois, it was such good value. The amazing thing is that she speaks almost perfect English, it was very good the first time she came and she put us to shame then.

    The art festival itself was very unusual in that the art was displayed in peoples houses (apart from some which was at the castle school which we didn’t go and see because it was of domestic pets). It was well worth the trip although Thornbury seemed strangely deserted. Before we left for home we went into a nice little garden centre and bought some plants for the garden. I can’t think of any more news for the moment but hope you and your family are well.

    17 May 2008, 01:00

  2. Sue

    I got the price wrong, it was actually only £13, which I think you’ll agree is a real bargain.

    17 May 2008, 01:10

  3. Sue

    I’ve come to realise recently that I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trying to please other people. This has entailed endless mind searching to try and deduce what it is other people want. As I write this for some reason I’m reminded of the time when we went to France with another family. The daughter of the family had been sulking all day and her parents kept asking her what the matter was but to no avail. In the end her father said “What is it you want that you’re not getting?” and she said “I just don’t want to go home.” and he said “Well, we have to go home bacause all our jobs are in England but I’m glad you enjoyed the holiday so much.” She said “I like us all living together as one big family and he said “So do I, perhaps we can do it more often, do you feel better now that you’ve told me about it.” and she said “Yes.”

    Getting back to what I was saying originally, I don’t think the main reason I’ve been so keen to please others has been to ingratiate myself to them or “get in their good books”. One of the reasons I’ve come to this conclusion is that I have two very close friends who are similar to me in this way and so they’re always trying to find out what I want to do. And I’m sure their reasoning is similar to mine in that they get more pleasure out of doing the things I’ve chosen (we take it in turns to choose what to do when we go out) than the things they have chosen. It works very well because this way everyone is happy. I know I’m very lucky to have them as friends and I hope if I ever stop feeling lucky about it someone will give me a sharp slap on my arm and remind me. As Sam would have said “Count your blessing one by one.” (It’s the one by one that always gets me.)

    17 May 2008, 13:57

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