May 30, 2007

Those were the times we were hopping

(The title is my suggested alternate ending to the poem Footsteps in the Sand)

I read an excellent article a while ago: Ten Things Christians and Atheists Can – and Must – Agree On. I’d be interesting in hearing what other less sit-on-fence-y people think of it.

In vaguely-connected news, Amazon apparently thinks that an interest in comedy and sci-fi is likely to mean an interest in (or possibly hatred of) religion:

I can’t see the connection myself.

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  1. More likely that one or two people who bought the God Delusion also bought those books…

    Personally I’m following up The God Delusion with The Dawkins Delusion. I’m pretty sure which one I’m going to come down in favour of, but I’m giving it it’s 10 mins…

    30 May 2007, 23:30

  2. Well yeah, but you’d expect it to require quite large numbers of people to have done so before using it as a recommendation. Most of Amazon’s recommendations make sense, which was why I was surprised at this one.

    I’ll presume from your recent blog entry that you’re siding with the former. Are you planning on writing any more entries on the subject?

    31 May 2007, 01:08

  3. Ah of course, I’d forgot you’d contributed.
    Erm well I don’t think I can write another entry along the same or similar lines, because I think most people would get even more bored with it (that phrase doesn’t sound right, oh well). I hadn’t planned about chatting about Europa in the original entry but it sort of developed. I suppose I could chat more about that.
    One thing that does get me goat slightly is how religion evolves (haha if that’s allowed). It’s interesting that the more astute religious chaps in the world seem to be sidling over to the ideas that science comes up with. ie – We meant evolution when we said God made us. We call it Intelligent Design. Cheers you’ve confirmed our belief.
    Of course, I shan’t be so cheeky when I write the thing.

    And I shall no doubt write about how deluded Dawkins is.

    31 May 2007, 10:54

  4. Can’t get this book very much…......I’m a atheist though

    09 Jun 2007, 17:23

  5. thank for your explanation about Assassin’s Guild . i do not totally know about religion. in china, as i know, Christians are not so i can’t imagine why this violent event can happen.

    11 Jun 2007, 19:51

  6. What violent event are you talking about?

    13 Jun 2007, 11:54

  7. The assassins. Killing people!

    13 Jun 2007, 17:56

  8. Woman of mixed rationality

    It makes a nonsense of the whole thing to suggest that religion, sci-fi and humour are connected in some way. Suppose that someone comes along and asserts that the core of the earth consists of jam. We can ask ourselves what sort of person this must be who can arrive at such a notion or at most we would ask him where he got it from. The inventor of the jam theory would be very much insulted and complain that we are refusing to make an objective investigation of his assertion on the grounds of a pretendedly scientific prejudice.

    14 Jun 2007, 17:23

  9. Well, so long as he provided us with new compasses that pointed to the new Jam North… I wouldn’t be too bothered.

    05 Jul 2007, 10:01

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