April 03, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts

I just realised that I don’t have enough time to finish Twilight Princess before going back to university, and I may not get any chances to meet up with people either. I’m at family events for four days next week, and then going home next Thursday, leaving only 4 free days. Where did the past two and a half weeks go?

I’ve started watching Heroes, and it’s very good so far. But the start of the second episode had the most ridiculously over-the-top voiceover I have ever heard and I’m really hoping it never appears again.

I’m remembering that learning juggling tricks is a frustrating process. Before you can even get close to being able to do whatever you’re trying to learn, you need to try over and over again. It seems like you’re not getting anywhere and that you might as well give up. Eventually, you manage to almost do it, which gives you a short burst of confidence, but then you need to keep trying for a while before managing to do it properly. Then you need to practice until you can do it fairly often, and then if you want to really show off you need to practice a whole load more until you can do it pretty much every time. Totally worth it, though.

My brother Ian is still his own worst enemy.

I spent 2 hours 19 minutes playing this game while I should have been sleeping last night. Some clever puzzles; I enjoyed it a lot. Can you beat my time? And while I’m mentioning games, Jumper is good but very annoying. Enigma is still far too addictive for me to be allowed to play it.

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