September 17, 2005

Hello, world.

So, I appear to be the first and only person in first year Computer Science with one of these.

Ah well, I’ll cope.

Truth be told, I’m not sure how much I’ll use this. I basically signed up because it was here, and I already have a Livejournal.

About me: My name is Alan. As stated above, I’m studying Computer Science and am in my first year. Or rather, will be. I won’t be at university for another week yet.

I am also the star of Lord of the Hoops.

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  1. Hi

    17 Sep 2005, 21:39

  2. Mathew Mannion

    Ah you will soon ditch the LiveJournal when you realise that the average comments per post on blogs here (well, on mine) is 10 comments per post, whereas on my LJ it was, well, not many.

    More first years will get these when they see how much publicity is around the University for them, I'm sure :) That's what happened last year (when Warwick Blogs began) anyway.

    17 Sep 2005, 22:08

  3. Aye. 'Twas the posters in MS.02 that first snared me.

    17 Sep 2005, 22:16

  4. Is that because of people like you two, reading the "new blog posts" page regularly?

    I get a fair number of comments on LJ, but I'll probably use both.

    17 Sep 2005, 22:56

  5. Welcome to Warwick and to the CS department.
    I didn't even realise first years could get blogs before the start of term – but good effort matey! I'm going into the 2nd year now after having a great time in the 1st. Good luck with it all and we may be calling on you for some DC++ access ;)

    18 Sep 2005, 00:03

  6. Mathew Mannion

    I use the new blog posts, although generally I use an RSS feed of it and just randomly pass my middle-click over it in Firefox when I have a few minutes and read all the recent posts… The other reason would be that we're looking at better ways of exposing the latest posts on the front page, so you may find at some point that you'll get a little box saying "Read hot topics about: " and then whatever the Hot Topics are (something similar to the Top Tags page, but better) so it may be "Read hot topics about: Katrina, Angst, Humour, CSS, Exams" or whatever. It's a very, very tight community here, it's a lot easier to find other people's blogs (such as people on the same course or with the same interest) than on a service such as LJ or Blogger.

    18 Sep 2005, 01:16

  7. Hey Alan, there's 2 of us now.

    21 Sep 2005, 01:15

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