July 02, 2012

Call for submissions: party games birthday edition 2012

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I turn 25 on Saturday, and what better way to celebrate my impending mortality than by playing childish party games?

I have a collection of party games I’ve played over the years, but always appreciate more! So consider this an open call for you to tell me about your favourites, or just to make something up on the spot and try to convince me “it’s a classic”.

A party game generally fulfills some/all of the following restrictions:
  • played in one room
  • quick to explain, playable in about 5-10 minutes
  • playable with 5 – 15+ players

The above set of guidelines is very flexible however: there are probably games which are perfect despite not having any of those qualities.

So: let’s have some games please? Thanks!

(By the way, if we know each other and you’d like to come along, please do! It’ll be in Coventry on Saturday 7th July: contact me for more details.)

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  1. zep

    I don’t know the names for these games, so I’ll make them up:

    Sniper. Randomly choose who is the single sniper by any means (e.g. folded pieces of paper from a hat). Sniper can kill anyone at any time by winking at them. Dead people can no longer interact with the game. At any time anyone can formally accuse someone of being the assassin (“I’d like to make an acusation”). If they are wrong, both people die. Goal: kill everyone / find the sniper.

    Truth or Lies. Each person takes turns telling a story from their life. They don’t need to answer any questions on the story, but it must go into a little bit of detail, and not be a completely mundane thing. Everyone else chooses if they think it’s true. +1, -1 point for each result. Stories must be either clearly true or false (e.g. stories that deviate from the truth a bit in order to be false are unsportsmanlike).

    Categories. Take turns being the category master. Choose a letter and a category: “Cartoon character names starting with F”. Everyone else writes down a list of instances within one egg-timed minute. Tally the number of occurances of each answer and score: single instance: 5 points more than one instances: -1 point (adjust scoring for many players)

    Weeaboo. http://pbfcomics.com/71/
    More fun than you’d expect.

    02 Jul 2012, 17:49

  2. Great, thanks for those!

    That first one I would know by the name of Wink Murder, usually with a single detective trying to find the killer. Never played with everyone being detectives, could be interesting.

    02 Jul 2012, 18:49

  3. Ian S.

    My friends and I have taken to this one very silly game lately that’s probably altogether too insular to be enjoyed by anybody else, but here it is anyway.

    Works best with about 4-5 people.

    The act of playing the game consists of making your hands into gun shapes and pointing them at each other. If you are about to shoot someone, you call ‘dibs’ and at that point nobody else can call ‘dibs’ on them (this is also a great way of protecting people you want kept alive). You yell ‘BANG’ in order to kill someone. Killing someone nets you one point. Except in special cases. Which is most of the time, to be honest.

    So, the twist is that everyone is playing a different character class, which are created by the players before the game starts. Everyone is given maybe 3-4 blank white cards on which they write class ideas. The class descriptions usually give the players an alternate way of gaining points, some of our favorites are:

    Infected: You can only move at a walk. Whisper “infected” into other people’s ears. They are now the same class as you. You win the game if everyone is infected.

    The Hulk: Upon being shot, you transform into The Hulk. To signify this, scream loudly. You now punch people instead of shooting them to gain points. Upon transformation, it takes two more shots to kill you.

    Future Sailor: Any time after you are dead, you may yell “Aw yeah!” and come back to life. You may only do this once, if you are shot a second time you cannot do it again.

    The Jihadist: If you are shot, everybody dies. Do not announce your class upon being shot, wait for the game to play out as it normally would if you were not the jihadist.

    The Bishop: Cross the street to win the game. (my friends usually play in a basement, which means that to play this class successfully one would have to sneak their way over to the staircase, make it all the way up the stairs, and run out across the lawn while hoping that nobody catches up and shoots you)

    Slasher: stabs people instead of shooting them to gain points.

    Pointless: You cannot die. You cannot gain points. You have one bullet.

    The game ends when everyone is dead or when a majority of the remaining people vote to end the round. Nobody should reveal the class they were playing until then. After everyone finishes making classes, go through them before playing the first round to weed out any that are obviously broken (this also helps familiarize everyone with what classes will be in the game). Assign classes by placing all the cards in a hat and letting everyone draw out one class at random. After playing a few rounds with the classes you created, stop and toss out any of them that aren’t really working.

    Really, the whole game is just a 1000-blank-white-cards rule set. It started out as a tightly regulated class based game (you were trying to puzzle out what classes other people had while keeping yours a secret) which wasn’t a lot of fun. Now I would describe it more like an absurdist improv theater.

    If, for who-knows-why, you decide to actually try this you should let me know how it goes! And share some of your favorite classes!

    hits preview Ack! How did this description get so long!

    02 Jul 2012, 19:18

  4. Noyb

    Knife game:
    No actual cutlery involved. A single player starts with the “knife” by clasping his or her hands flat together. The player with the knife can pass it to another player by first making eye contact, then “flinging” it by keeping one hand rigid and quickly sliding the other hand towards the recipient.

    To catch the knife, the recipient must clap his or her hands. Players cannot combine the clap and pass gestures – these must be two distinct actions.

    If a player fails to catch a knife, is too slow, or breaks any of the above rules, he or she is out. Dramatic stage death optional. A nearby player must mime pulling the knife from the fallen’s body to continue. There is only one knife in play at any time.

    The last two standing are the winners.

    05 Jul 2012, 10:26

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