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May 20, 2007

One day closer to being able to unicycle

It was too windy for club juggling and too cold for ball juggling, so I spent most of yesterday’s juggling session attempting to unicycle. I’ve found a way of getting on that isn’t painful, which is nice, and my skill at getting on is only exceeded by my ability to fall off. I’m improving at the going forwards part too, but not nearly so fast.

What juggling I did do wasn’t great – James beat me at endurance (a competition of who can keep juggling the longest) 4 times out of 5, using 5 clubs against my 5 balls. Admittedly, James is an annoyingly good juggler, but I was doing much better on Thursday, learning to do 441 with clubs with the 1 behind the back and managing some good backcross throws too.

Later in the bar I actually talked to and learnt the name of one person who’s been coming for most of this year. I think I also got some people interested in the Assassins’ Guild, so hopefully that doesn’t die the horrible death it’s threatening to.

When it got dark we went outside to play with fire, and I did some fire juggling. You might call it that if you were feeling generous, anyway. More accurately, I threw some fire clubs about and made some generally successful attempts to catch them, once in a while trying to do a trick and failing completely.

I was only at the fire juggling for twenty minutes or so, because I had a birthday party in Earlsdon to get to. Which brings us neatly back to unicycles, because Ralph has one and insisted that we have a go in the very small space between his house and his garden. There wasn’t really enough space for my current learning tactic of “point yourself away from walls, fall off the front, and remember to keep pedalling while you do so”.

I didn’t see a huge amount of Ralph, despite it being his party. Hopefully he enjoyed himself (and didn’t feel too bad in the morning). I came home and had a cool dream about vampires (and a less cool one about siteswaps).

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