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January 04, 2012

Tetris Fight Club (2011 game roundup)

Writing about web page

Created for: MiniLD #24 and TIGSource Versus Competition
Development time: 2 weeks
Theme: Tetris is now a game!
Status: Done
Play online

The name says it all really.

This was initially started for MiniLD #24, which had the best set of themes ever. I then finished it off for the TIGSource Versus Competition, where it placed joint 10th (out of 81 entries).

Paul Forey made some excellent music for it at very short notice, combining the Tetris and Mortal Kombat themes in a catchy way.

During the voting period the game got shoutouts on ByteJacker and Rock Paper Shotgun (who described it as “peculiarly conflicted”, whatever that means).

Later in the year, I spent a weekend in London making it work on The Beast (London’s indie arcade machine), where it works really nicely.

I should really clean up and release the full-screen version, I think it works a lot better with a wider arena. Poke me if you want that to happen.

Beautiful Bullet Bounce (2011 game roundup)

Writing about web page

Created for: TIGJam UK4 collaboration jam (6th February)
Development time: 4-5 hours
Status: Very early prototype
Play online

For the random collaboration jam at TIGJam UK4, I got paired up with William David Hunt. We decided to make this game about reflecting enemy’s bullets back at them.

The good: when it works, I think it’s quite satisfying.
The bad: it’s incredibly awkward to control. I think single-player with mouse controls is least bad in this respect, but it’s far from perfect.

Bungee Bungee Bungee (2011 game roundup)

Writing about web page

Created for: TIGJam UK4 (4th-7th February)
Development time: 2 days
Status: Very early prototype
Play online

I spent most of TIGJam UK4 working on this. It’s a fairly promising prototype I think, but not sure if it’ll be developed any further.

My main problem with the game is working out what the failure conditions should be. The obvious answer is to have spikes that kill you if you touch them, but the screen scrolls too quickly for that to work: you’d just fall straight into them without enough warning. At the moment there’s a damage counter that is increased proportional to your speed when you touch a ledge and which decreases over time, but it’s not super-intuitive.

Dock suggested the game be called The Amazing Umbilical Brothers and be about baby magicians connected by an umbilical cord. If this game ever goes any further, that’s probably what it’ll be.

Hall of Contradictions: part of So Many Rooms (2011 game roundup)

Writing about web page

Created for: So Many Rooms (29th-30th January)
Development time: 48 hours
Status: Done
Play online

The idea of So Many Rooms was that a bunch of game developers would each make a room of a game, and then at the end all the rooms would be bundled together as part of a single game. Each room would end up with completely different gameplay, but feature the same character.

It’s a great concept, so I really wanted to make something for it. I teamed up with Sam Gynn: he made the graphics and I came up with the logic puzzle. The audio was taken from FreeSound.

The puzzle itself is probably too hard for most people, but I’ve made my peace with that. I figure if nothing else it makes for an interesting break from the other rooms.

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