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November 02, 2006

A kill a day keeps the Inquisition away

Day 1: I was lucky enough to be assigned a target who I recognised from the social a few weeks ago and had seen previously in one of my lectures.

Failing to see him before entering the lecture, I sat through it wondering whether he would turn up, but as I looked around at the end, I noticed him right at the back. I hurried out and waited outside the door for him to emerge, stabbing him as he left the room.

Another of my targets was doing English, and there was an English lecture in the exact same room right afterwards. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a core module, so I couldn’t be sure he would turn up. I saw someone who might have been my target, but when he didn’t respond to his name, I decided not to take the risk.

There were four other deaths.

Day 2: I printed off some photos of my targets from Facebook, so I wouldn’t have that problem again. I found a core lecture and identified him immediately – stabbing him in the back while he was chatting to friends.

I also waited outside three Maths lectures for another target, but didn’t see him at any of them. I think Jen, Darren and James (all of whom do Maths) found my behaviour a bit worrying.

There were three other deaths.

Day 3: I turned up to another Maths lecture, to the amusement of Maths people. James said that he vaguely recognised my target and would try to help somehow if he saw him again, but that wasn’t necessary, as I saw him a couple of minutes after everyone else had gone in. He didn’t see the dagger until it was too late…

I wandered around the library looking for my other target, but her photos all looked different, so I couldn’t make a positive ID on anybody. Followed one girl to a seminar which I later confirmed was for the correct subject, but still didn’t feel confident enough to make a kill. This was good, because I later found out that my target had been assassinated the previous night, and that libraries are a no-kill area. Still not sure whether it was the right person, though.

Someone came to my house looking for me. I went through the list of people playing (which I’m not sure we were meant to have, but the emails are sent with everyone’s addresses viewable to everyone else, so it’s not like I had any special advantage), and cross-referenced that with Facebook and Louise’s description. Then I looked up his course and core modules.

There were two other deaths.

Day 4 (today): I waited outside my newly identified assassin’s lecture and stabbed him as he hurried outside. His intended destination was my lecture to make another attempt on my life, so he certainly wasn’t expecting me to be waiting there.

There will be other deaths.

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