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March 09, 2009

Again with Knowledge Management

Thanks to Paul today, he reminded me that we need to blog during modules!

Anyway, I don't know why the subject of Knowledge Management is so in my mind and I am not sure why I keep thinking about Knowledge Management mostly. Maybe because I am working in an area where I think Knowledge Management could improve the work performance greatly.

I know that other Asset Management approaches or techniques are useful inside organizations as well, still I like KM the most!

Anyway, I have written before about a Document Management System, which could be actually used as a Knowledge Management System by companies as it is a free opensource system and could be implemented easily on any PC/Server.

Another way to do it is to have an intranet portal which could capture and share knowledge to people in the organization.

I am very interested in the issue of Knowledge Management even more now that we have gone through the seminar today that shed some light over this interesting subject.

I guess as Paul said, even though it sounds easy and so, it is still very hard to do it in real organizations. It would be interesting if there were any papers or books discussing the challenges related to the use of KM inside the organization.

I'd guess that some of the difficulties would be on how to motivate people so that they use the system with their own will rather than forcing the people to access the KM which could render this useless. Another difficulty would be to ask people working in teams or solving problems or improvements teams (like Six Sigma ones) to share and capture their own knowledge and experience so that people throughout the organization could use it.

I believe that the second point, at least for me is going to be a very difficult one since its related to the culture of the organization as well. In organizations where there are competition which I'd like to call (Negative) because it is basically a competition between administrations or departments within the same organization that doesn't add any value but in-fact work against the progress of the organization, which is something really spread out I guess in many places that I know of. This competition would make it very hard for departments and administrations that have competition between them to be able to share their experience in the organization which limit the use of KM to your own department or administration which really isn't that helpful if you compare the benefit from that to the benefit of sharing the knowledge throughout the whole organization that could consist of something like 40 departments or administrations!!!

I guess as Paul said, there is no reason not to implement what you think is usefull on your little area that you lead even if it is a small department if you can't implement it throughout the organization.

January 18, 2009

Diagram: Bad Communication system and Strategy Deployment

Diagrams sometimes explain the situation a lot clearer that when you try to spend time writing many words to explain something.

In this diagram that I used in my PMA, I tried to bring up what could happen if a company is trying to deploy its strategy while there is a bad communication system in the company where of course this will affect feedback.

This is an example of a business strategy being deployed incorrectly and no one of the lower employees know what they should do because the strategy was not broken into detailed tasks or objectives.

Business Strategy and Bad Communication

I like the idea of using diagrams to explain things, so don't be mad if I start using them in all my blog posts :D.

January 16, 2009

ISO 9001 and Leadership and Excellence PMA?

Follow-up to Understanding Leadership & Excellence Module PMA from A.Hariri's

I know that we are supposed to look at leadership theories or leadership styles and so on in this assignment but personally, I will try to involve a few points that I think could be helpful in the Waverider's situation even if it is not considered a leadership theory or style but could improve the leadership aspect of Waveriders.

Some of the few points that ISO 9001 supports and promotes are, Accepting Feedback, Involvement of People and Continuous improvements.

As I said, even though ISO 9001 is not cosnidered a leadership theory or style, it still contain good information in the some clauses that could improve the leadership in Waveriders, and the above mentioned points I think are a clear example that even ISO 9001 contributes into leadership even though it is not cinsidered a leadership style or theory.

I think I will probabily be able to explain these points in my PMA from my work experience involved with ISO 9001 consulting and implementation, and I believe in many situations, ISO 9001 did improve the quality of leadership in the organisations that I worked with.

So if you are trying to do this as I am, think of these points in ISO 9001:

- Involvement of People.

- Accepting and actively engaging in Feedback.

- Continuous improvement and changing the culture in the company into a continuous improvement culture.

- Involvement of People.

- Bringing Top management and the people working closer specially when they are working together to create the Quality Management System.

- Improving Processes which could help in improving quality of leadership. Think of processes that the CEO or any Director does and what could happen if theses processes are improved? What would happen if a training course request is accepted by the staff's manager in 3 days instead of leaving these requests on the desk for 2 weeks? This will no doubt improve the quality of leadership and I am talking about a very simple process here.

Just wanted to share this thoughts with my MBE class :). Good luck with your PMA's

January 14, 2009

Further Coaching in light of Deming's Approach

Follow-up to Understanding Leadership & Excellence Module PMA from A.Hariri's

Now that I am beginning to understand the PMA question more clearly, I began to search for related theories that could help in this situation. One of the theories that will be helpful when coaching the CEO of Waiveriders is Deming's Theory of the System of Profound knowledge. Coaching in this area would be to help the CEO understand the following points:

- Look at the company as a whole and that everyone's effort is needed to improve the company.

- Psychology is important so that the CEO understands that people are different and they have different capabilities and different needs and they are different when it comes to rewarding as some people like money while others like acknowledgements and so.

- Variations: Most of the time According to Deming (94%), the variations in the processes are caused by the system and they are not caused my the employee. The CEO should understand this and should try to minimise the variations caused by the system when needed.

- Knowledge: It is important to have enough information about the situation before planning or so.

I hope that this would help any others who would like to use more than one approach.

I personally think that I will use Deming's approach and one or 2 other theories and rephrase it as a coaching needs and explain in a bit of details when needed with reference to the theory itself.

Understanding Leadership & Excellence Module PMA

Writing about web page /ahariri/entry/leadership_and_excellence/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

After checking the FAQs section that was created by Paul and after a few e-mails going and coming for Feedforward, I began to understand the PMA more (I think!).

The things I know for facts is that:

- I am a consultant.

- Waiverider need some change to become successful.

- CEO needs Coaching.

- Another member of the board needs Coaching to help him deploy strategies and visions through his part of the organisation.

- Need to explore and point out if there are any leadership theory that could be useful in this situation where a company is not performing very well. For example, there might a problem between how top management is acting and that the top management are cutting themselves from the employees while the company really could use some good relationship and involvement from staff.

So, I started looking at the company as if it is a real life existing company that needs my help to improve its current situations and I need to help this company by coaching them in various areas that would help.

I then thought of possible areas of weaknesses that I know a lot of companies have and also my organisation have which affects the performance, and since we are allowed to make assumptions, I started thinking of the following points that could be achieved by coaching:

- Coach CEO to help him get most use of the managers and involve them as much.

- Coach CEO/Manager to help him accept Feedback and how he can promote and encourage others to give feedback and explain to the CEO/Manager how feedback can improve the business and the various aspects in the business (Processes/Products/Sales, etc)

- Coach CEO/Manager to understand and use any strategies deployment approaches to successfully deploy the new strategy throughout the Organisation (Need to Check if we should assume we have done this in team work or not)

- Coach the CEO on the use of possible Performance Management/Reward&Punishment approaches that if applied correctly could improve and encourage people to work better.

- Explore more areas to Coach that might be possible in the first criteria in the EFQM Excellence Model.

If I get any more ideas, I will share them.

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