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May 16, 2009

Events Management made easy

I was searching for a software or web system that would make it easy to create and manage events and payments so that at my administration we could use it to easily create and manage our events.

We used to use the old method of providing registration forms so that people fill them and send them back by e-mail or fax which was a very bad an ineffective of doing this.

First of all, you will have to chase people to make sure if they received or did not receive the registration form and if you are making a paid event then you would have to chase people to pay for the tickets.

So, after quite sometime of searching, I found a very effective online website that provides all the tools we needed to create and manage our events, workshop, seminars or conferences and the best thing is that it is completely free if you don't want to charge for your tickets and even if you do want to charge for your tickets, it is very cheap considering the broad range of benefits you could gain from this service.

In a hurry?

If you are in a hurry Click Here to explore the service by yourself by creating a free account that you could use as long as you want for free unless you charge for your tickets then you would pay a small % of the ticket prices.

Event service Benefits:

There are Many features that this service provides, you should check them yourself by creating a free account. I have just summarised some of the features I liked.

Easy to create events

It is Very Easy to setup up your event. It is a good thing I don't need to go around teaching people how to create and publish the event which is a big bonus. You don't need any coding or technical knowledge at all. Of course, if you want to use some advanced customisations then you would need little extra knowledge in HTML or so.

Event Creation

Look and colors of your event page

It is very easy to customise the colours and design of your event page as the service gives you access to templates that you could use to base your event page on. This means that you no longer need to pay someone to design an event page or form. You could also choose your own colours if you would like to change the design.

Events Templates

Personalised Link

When you create your event, the service provides you with the option to choose a short URL that you could use to promote your event.

Search and Events Directories

The service provides you with a free service of promoting your event (if you want) to search engines and events indexing sites which is also nice especially if you need to publicise your events.

Promoting to search engines and indexes

Integration of Event form

If you want to publicise your event, it is very important that you make it available in every website of yours that is related to the event. So, this service gives you the ability to embed your event forms in your website. You could also embed just the ticket payment form if you don't want to embed the whole event page. You could also have the code to add buttons that are linked to your event everywhere you want to.

Embeding Event page or ticket

Personalized E-mail Invites

If you are into marketing you would know how it is very effective to have a little bit of personalisation in every e-mail you send to your customers or so. Using this service, you could easily add contacts and information related to them so that you could send events invites to them using their own names not just "Hi, There" but instead "Hi John" for example. This is particularly helpful for us as we are mostly focused on the Quality area so most attenders would be interested in similar events related to ISO, quality or so.

Events Contacts

Events Reports

Events reports You could easily have access to sales reports related to your events sales and you could easily customize, print or exprt any of them.

Day of event tools

You could easily print check-in lists or badges that you would want to distribute to your attendees on the day of the event based on the list of people who have bought tickets.

Day of event tools

Addition of new features

Since I started using this service I have seen new features added into the service. Some of the latest features added is the ability to book hotels in areas close to the events.

Companies using this service

According to the website of the company that provides this service, many companies such as Cisco, FedEx, SalesForce, CNN, BestBuy and many more use this service.

Hopefully you will enjoy the service as much as I did. You should create a free account so you could explore the service.

May 10, 2009

How to Attract Clients

Writing about web page

How to attract clients by BNET is one of the very interesting and helpful Video interviews that I really enjoyed.

The interview in the video is with Richard Woodward, a consultant who helps companies in growing their clients lists.

I won't keep you any longer, go ahead and watch the video and let me know if you have enjoyed it or learned anything interesting from it.

Watch How to Attract Clients

Personally, I learned quite a few interesting points, such as:

  • It is important to interact with your customers and build good relations with them.
  • Provide solutions to your customers' problems and not just show your services and information related to them
  • Provide evidence that what you are doing actually helped other people. It is preferable if you provide testimonials and evidences from clients in the same market as your potential clients viewing your brochure or your website.
  • Ask clients that you have worked with to write testimonials and it is better if you provide them with a list of possible things to write about as some of these give more strength to the evidences:
  • How was their experience working together with your company or you.
  • Outcomes and benefits gained.

I run a website called Smart Solutions Center, it is in Arabic only at the moment. Basically it is based around business consulting and providing quality, ISO, and other business solutions. I have never thought of displaying how our services could help our customers. I guess we should start doing that!

I should also start working on our brochures too!

There are other interesting video on BNET and a lot of them are useful too. You should check them out!

January 09, 2009

Personal Opinion: BPR–>ERP vs ERP–>BPR

Follow-up to Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and ERP system implementation from A.Hariri's

My personal opinion (What I think) about the issue of having to do BPR then ERP Or ERP Then BPR is that the company should:

1) Start by studying its current business functions and key processes and if they can’t do that, they should pay some consultants to do that.

2) After that, the company or its consultants needs to study the ERP system that the company selected for implementation in order to find if the key processes studied in step (1) are built into the ERP system and if they are better than the current used processes or not. If the process built in the ERP system is better than the one being used in the company and it can be used in the company after implementing the ERP, the company should ignore trying to improve this process using (BPR) and leave it to be improved by the ERP system when it is implemented. This would save time and cost trying hardly to improve a process that could be greatly improved when implementing the ERP system; as some ERP systems, could come in with pre-configured processes that are considered best practices.

3) Key Processes that were not found as improved processes in the ERP system should be taken into consideration in order to try and see possible areas of improvements using BPR. If possible areas for improvements were identified in these processes, the company or its consultants should study these improvements while having the ERP system possibilities in mind because you do now want to go into a lot of revisions and changes and end up having to pay extra money to the ERP system vendor in order to customize the ERP system to accept your improved process. You should think if the improvements you made are worth paying money to the vendor to have them brought live in the ERP system.

This is just a personal opinion and if you think you have an idea about how to balance between both opinions, please bring it up.

January 08, 2009

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and ERP system implementation

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is an approach that recommends going through business processes to reengineer them and improve them. To reduce useless steps that might be in the process that does not add any value or benefit to the process.

Business Process Reengineering

There seems to be a debate of wither the company should improve its processes before implementing an ERP system or after that.

The first opinion is that the company should work on improving its processes before implementing an ERP system, so that when it starts searching for a proper ERP system, it is possible to find an ERP system that works well with the improved business processes.

The issue here is that if the company improves its processes greatly, they might not be able to find an ERP system that can adopt with the improvements made.

The second opinion is that companies should not work on BPR and start doing that after implementing an ERP System, because ERP systems could be used as a base starting point for improving processes and that sometimes people do not realise how to work with processes until they have worked with a system such as the ERP which enables them to see a bigger picture and help them with understanding and possible improving business processes.

The issue about this opinion is also clear as it is possible that the company go on with BPR to improve and reengineer the processes to a level where the system can not reflect these changes which requires the company to customise the ERP system if they want to work with the improved version of the business processes which will cost the company money that might be required by the system vendor or any consultants to change the ERP system or customise to adopt the new changes to the processes.

I have an opinion (I belive it is somewhat good!!) between both opinions. I will try to phrase it and post it on a different post.

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