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July 08, 2010

Learn and Create Facebook Applications

A few months ago, I wanted to create a simple Facebook application which allows me to show few items from an RSS feed in a Facebook Tab in a specific way I want. However, because I had no idea whatsoever about Facebook Application development, I spent days trying to figure out how I could create an application that would do that for me. And what made this worst is the fact that I hate programming in general and I had no clue where to start a Facebook application from.

Facebook Application Development Training Videos

Finally, I saw an item on Amazon which claims to teach Facebook Applications development. At first, I was very sceptical and I thought that this item is probably going to be useless. However, I decided to order it anyway hoping that these CDs will be of any help and therefore, save my time, as I spent days and days researching...

Facebook Application Development

Click on the Image For more information

The CDs included video tutorials which explain everything clearly! Although you might find a bit of repetition here and there, I found that I learnt quite a few things from the CDs, and I have found the source code included to be really helpful too!

If you are like me, Zero in programming and Zero in Facebook Applications development and you need to learn a few basics things in order to create your very first Facebook Application, give this a go!

Please note that a few parts of the CD are outdated due to Facebook updates and/or bugs. However, the rest are very valuable!

Example of the Facebook Application I have created

After learning a few things from the CDs, I managed to create what I wanted to do. To view an exmaple, please visit this Facebook page which I am working on for a cousin of mine.

Shirts 2 Go

From this page, visit the Shop tab and Enter the UK/EU Shop.

Let me know of what you think of what I have done so far :) . I am open for any suggestions for improvements if you have any, as this is stil my first Facebook Application!!

February 13, 2009

First Aid iPhone Application

Writing about web page

iFirst Aid iPhone

By chance, I stepped on one of the most informing iPhone applications I've got so far, it is iFirstAid.

This idea of this application is to provide basic ideas about some emergency situations that could occur, and what you could do to save the injured person instead of watching!

To download it, simply go to your App Store in your iPhone device and write, iFirst Aid.


In many situations in our lives, we either be in an accident situation early, or something might happen to our friends or family, while we are with them, so it is good to know at least some basic things that could save their lives, instead of just watching them suffer.

My Worst Chock!

To give an example of how these instructions could save lives, I am going to tell you of a situation happened to me few months ago, in my country, before I came here to the UK.

I was at my cousin's house, we were having dinner, and I tend to eat quickly all the time (bad habit!!!). Anyway, I just started eating a piece of meat and it was big and I got chocked by it.

Of course the meat blocked my air way, 2 of my cousins and my older brother were next to me, and i am chocoking. Thankfully, they knew some basic information, even though it was mostly wrong! (Pushing too hard in a bit wrong area which got me injured a bit) but they tried pushing the air out using the the back move (bellow).


Anyway, the thing is, the meat was stuck, there was no way of it to come out. I spent 30mn -literally- fighting for air, by getting the air inside then asking my brother to push the air out. He got tired, my cousin comes in, he got tired my brother came in, it was really a painful situation, and no one called the ambulance I don't know why. Maybe because the ambulance needs 2 hrs to get to where he is supposed to (sometimes).

I have seen other people chock a few times, I try to help as much as I can. It was never as long or even close to my situation. One of my cousins called it "The Longest Possible Chock", haha not funny :(!

Needless to say, I now think twice before I eat any meat. Even then, I will be nervous throughout the meal, trying to eat slowly, but of courses, sometimes I forget and I eat fast, which is not good.

To cut to the summary. Understanding a few things about First Aid is good and they will most likely come in handy in certain situations that you might encounter.

So go ahead and download it to your iPhone!

What If I want to learn First Aid but I don't have an iPhone!

To those of you who don't have an iPhone, you can read First Aid lessons available on many websites, such as St. John Ambulance or search for some First Aid courses in your area if have sometime to spare.

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