January 14, 2009

Understanding Leadership & Excellence Module PMA

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After checking the FAQs section that was created by Paul and after a few e-mails going and coming for Feedforward, I began to understand the PMA more (I think!).

The things I know for facts is that:

- I am a consultant.

- Waiverider need some change to become successful.

- CEO needs Coaching.

- Another member of the board needs Coaching to help him deploy strategies and visions through his part of the organisation.

- Need to explore and point out if there are any leadership theory that could be useful in this situation where a company is not performing very well. For example, there might a problem between how top management is acting and that the top management are cutting themselves from the employees while the company really could use some good relationship and involvement from staff.

So, I started looking at the company as if it is a real life existing company that needs my help to improve its current situations and I need to help this company by coaching them in various areas that would help.

I then thought of possible areas of weaknesses that I know a lot of companies have and also my organisation have which affects the performance, and since we are allowed to make assumptions, I started thinking of the following points that could be achieved by coaching:

- Coach CEO to help him get most use of the managers and involve them as much.

- Coach CEO/Manager to help him accept Feedback and how he can promote and encourage others to give feedback and explain to the CEO/Manager how feedback can improve the business and the various aspects in the business (Processes/Products/Sales, etc)

- Coach CEO/Manager to understand and use any strategies deployment approaches to successfully deploy the new strategy throughout the Organisation (Need to Check if we should assume we have done this in team work or not)

- Coach the CEO on the use of possible Performance Management/Reward&Punishment approaches that if applied correctly could improve and encourage people to work better.

- Explore more areas to Coach that might be possible in the first criteria in the EFQM Excellence Model.

If I get any more ideas, I will share them.

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  1. Ian Pratt

    Well said, coaching is invaluable and add great value. Great to see that you are a consultant – many consultants recommend all sorts of high cost programs that really add no value, but you sound like on of the good ones.

    When the executive are behaving poorly, unless you are senior to them, start looking around for a new challenge. Sometimes one on one you can shape a senior managers behaviour, but really they need to want to change otherwise you will fight a loosing battle.

    Though I would look at the coaching option suggested here first.

    14 Jan 2009, 03:42

  2. Ian,
    I agree that coaching is very important and in many cases gives good results. I have never tried coaching or being coached before, so this is something new for me. I am glad we were introduced to coaching because I can really see where it shines if used correctly.

    I don’t think many would not allow you to coach them no matter what their reasoning are as most people would love to improve themselves, but of course, whoever is coaching needs to understand the person that he is going to coach so that he doesn’t lose him over some mistakes.

    In the past projects that I have been working on in my country, I believe that most of the time when we were working with top management in various sectors, they were willing to learn and improve, even if they don’t show that clearly in front of their staff, and of course in this case, coaching would allow them to improve themselves without being seen by others for any reasons they have.

    Lastly, even though I have worked in many projects in my organisation as a consultant in a team of consultants, I don’t believe that I am a consultant. I believe that whoever is called consultant should really have good knowledge and experience and the ability to add values to whatever consulting areas he is working on. On this Post-Module assignment however, I guess it is alright to imagine myself as a consultant to try and understand the case ;).

    Thanks for your inputs!

    14 Jan 2009, 13:17

  3. Ian,

    I Just checked the website in your link. Looks like an interesting website. I will save it to my favourite to check it back later.

    14 Jan 2009, 13:21

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