April 27, 2009

My Self, my assignment: How KM supports Health & Safety Management


After finally finishing my KBAM PMA which was quite a hard thing to do since I am really drained with all the assignments I did in the last 2 months (Still have RDD PMA god!) and the fact that I have never been anywhere else other than Coventry and Birmingham twice, I really don't feel I have the energy to finish 2 more PMAs (RDD + ECRM which i will have next week) but I guess have to anyway.

Good thing that I am enjoying my project even though I did'nt really do much in it other than gathering the resources and jumping to questionnaire design so that I could distribute the questionnaire and writing my literature review while I wait for responses. Still though, I feel I will have the energy to finish my project and I really hope that my dissertation is strong and helpfull.

Assignment Task:

Knowledge management and how it could support Health and Safety

Improving Communications

Knowledge management could facilitate the process where projects and activities could be documented and captured and inserted into the organization's database, ERP system's database or the company's intranet where people could access the knowledge and use it. When it comes to Health and Safety, I guess if there are any projects related to Health & Safety in the company, any knowledge related to these projects could be captured into the knowledge database. Therefore, by capturing the information or knowledge related to these projects into the database, top management or people with the authority to access this kind of information could do it easily. For example, if there are any issues or problems faced by a certain project and these problems were captured and inputed into the database, the top management could easily access the database and be able to see information related to these problems and could then perhaps get involved to try and help the project team in resolving these problems.

Improved sharing of Best practices and Lessons Learned

Knowledge management could make it easier for organizations to capture and share their best practices and any lessons learned related to any projects or activities. When it come to health & Safety, the same could happen. Sharing of best practices that could help employees avoid making mistakes or undesired activities could improve the organization's performance while ensuring a healthy and safe work environment.

These are the main key points that I think are very good when it comes to supporting and improving health and safety in an organization by the use of knowledge management and its tools.

If you think that there are more points, please feel free to share them with us!

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