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About Abdulrahman Hariri

I am Abdulrahman, I am a PhD researcher @ WMG.

I work at Total Quality Management Administration in one of Saudi Arabia’s Biggest Universities which is King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah.

I work as a Demonstrator and a Quality Assistant, and I have participated in many quality related projects both within and outside the university.

What I like

    • Test and Use various PHP Systems & Scripts that could be used for various purposes in websites.

    • Improve my Designing knowledge and skills.

    • Try new ideas that could get me some extra profit (who doesnt?).

    • Translate some Systems or Scripts when i am free to Arabic language to contribute and help others to use the systems if their English is not that good.

    • Write Lessons & PDF files to help others understand PHP systems or Scripts and how to use them.


      • I LOVE Volleyball <3.

      • Diving.

      Some of the websites I developed or I own:

        • My Arabic Research blog, Where I share and write articles related to scientific research and resources, articles or books related to it (Arabic)

        Feel free to comment on any of the designs ;)